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Hi, i need your help Gasplat, i need put 1 nade and 0 smoke in my server BT, can you help me with this?, i have a mod for this and works perfect... but if put on REALISM MODE the russian and english soldiers born with 2 nades :/, i dont know, u can help me?, many many thanks!.

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Hi, I'm new to site ... and in this to create servers ..
recently create a server in cod4 1.7a. but only customers can join with game bought .. to the others it says something like .. "someone this cd key in use" ..
is there a command to not check the keys of the clients?

from many to thank you!
Hey, rudedog Call of Duty: World at War Mod Tools 1.2.1 doesn't work for me can you please help??
How do I get my avatar to show up when I post? You would think I could figure this out since I've had a site like this for years.
sorry to bother you but i was just kicked from your guys's server for killing the admin MrOwns,i re-entered the server and was banned because i told him i was going to post on the site about it. he banned me and the reason given was hacking/cheatin witch is total lies,look at my stats on BBL i dont cheat.he was just mad at me because i killed him when he tried to knife me. any help would be appreciated with this as i know you guys try to run a fair and non-abusive admin server. thanks
I am the Squad Leader of the Oncillas IS Squad! part of the Ghost Recon division within the PC platform! We are about Tactics, Communication and Teamwork! No matter what your level or you skill we are recruiting anyone who has the dedication to progress and succeed through our ranks and who also has a microphone for communication! If you would like to join this rapidly growing gaming community with over 2200+ members then head over to and fill out one of our application forms :)
Hey mate, where i can make a topic ? cuz i need to make one asking for something about MOHAA...hope u can help me
Hi there, I also have the No or Bad challenge error, I was told about this site and that there is a fix, could you please also send me the patch kind sir, many thanks
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