YARCC for BF3 - A remote admin application


Jan 23, 2012
I decided to make YARCC public. It´s a rcon client for BF3. Please note that this software is still in Beta phase and hope for many reports to make it better. Feel free to email me!

This software is free of any virus, spy- or adware. This Software never manipulates or harms any part of your system.
All features given are working, it´s still in Beta phase because i wan´t to add some "nice to haves" and there might be some small bugs left.

Please use this software at your own risk. I´m not responsible for any damages during usage. This Software is an Beta release.


  • Free for all, the complete code is based on my own.

  • Windows 7 (32,64) GUI Programm.

  • Server settings, mapcycle and player management.


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Mar 6, 2010
I guess you need a bit of marketing if you want people to try it.

What do we know about your product :

  • seems to be free of charge
  • it's a rcon client for BF3
  • development stage is alpha (so I guess not feature complete)
What we might want to know :

  • is it a graphical or console tool
  • what is the list of current features
  • is there any screenshot
  • how to install
  • how to configure
  • how to run it
  • what licence
  • what makes it different than the other BF3 admin tools
Also, I'm not fond of clicking any .exe file downloaded on public forums...


Jan 23, 2012
Ok, i understand....
Sorry, but i never used any other admin tool instead of my own so i´m not able to compare. If the Admins here don´t won´t to publish software here please feel free and delete this thread - i totaly forgot to ask before....sorry for this


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Jun 9, 2012


I like the application, its quick, light and easy.

I tried it on a R-25 server tonight and got an error dialogue box. It didnt seem to affect it though, i just clicked 'ok'.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Start App.
2. Enter server details (r-25).
3. Click Connect.

two message boxes appear saying "'4.1' is not a valid integer value"

You can click on OK and it still loads up normally.

I didnt not get this error on a R-24 server.


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Jun 10, 2012
I downloaded, it is light and fast.

I haven't had a chance to test on full server nor the time to understand server cycle backup and load backup for me that never worked.

I had a go at editing the map list and the server update is quick. It rejected the setting of 1 round for each B2K maps so I removed them from the maps list, and I set Caspian Border and Metro to 4 rounds each and it updated.. When I tried to set rush and conquest it reduced my slots from 64 to 32 so i removed the rush maps from my map list.

It's good for updating the map list though, I like it.


Jan 23, 2012
I wrote an update today and have Mickeys found bug fixed. Thanks in advance mate!!! YARCC Version 1.1.6 is fully tested with R-25 Server and Closed Quarters maps now.

Server sided cycle backup:

Backup running cycle = creates a mapcycle backup of the running maps on the server.
Load cycle backup = Loads the last created cycle backup on the server and sets the backup active.

The slots limitation due the diffrent game modes is a game engine based thing....


Jan 23, 2012
Guys, i can´t let it be.....

Version 1.3.1 is online

- GUI workaround
- Gamemode based gui enhancements
- Codeoptimizations
- Bugfixes


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Jun 19, 2012
Coming along nicely

Any plans of adding of saving config options, and being able to restore them? Similar to your "backup running cycle" for the maps, but needs to be able to save multiple configs and load them on request


Jan 23, 2012
Yes, server profiles and VIP player queue are planned.
My intension is to create a solid base and then adding new features. The next "to do" section is to swap the "Move" command with kill flag true against the "sq" command within the same team. I think it´s not necessary to kill a player due a squad change anymore. Shame on me - i heard about the sq command the first time last night.

Maybe my Work is completly useless in face of the existing Procon and other clients....but it makes a lot of fun and i stay in training since i´m out of the IT business.
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