X52 Pro with Arma 3

Dec 31, 2009
Is anyone using X52 Pro joystick?

I am trying it with ARMA 3 and having some trouble with the configuration for flying helos.

The controls feel very twitchy - maybe I need to play withe the dead zones more.

Any idea of best practices for setting this up?

Do you configure the controls in-game or in a profile?


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May 9, 2006
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I have no direct experiences with this joystick. There are a couple of things to note with ArmA 3.

I know this may sound counter intuitive but most really good pilots use keyboard and mouse. Also ArmA3 has a different flight control system than previous versions of ArmA, this new system makes flying with KB/M easier. They applied things learnt from "Take on Helicopters" to create the new control system.

As for twitchy flight control, if you are flying one of the little bird's they are twitchy. The larger choppers are a little more stable.


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Aug 6, 2009
Personnaly i m using KB and Mouse to fly. For me it is the best solution.

The most difficult is not to take off or to fly but to land !!
I did practice around 10 days (yes 10 days:eek:) before to understand and land whitout crash !! lol

But now it is a real pleasure. :D
Dec 31, 2009
My attempt was on the alpha - now in beta it seems I have to reset everything... :)

I tried the Littlebird but mainly the Orca. It looks like on the z axis is messed up in this game when using the X52 Pro throttle. It keeps moving the on/off points so it does things in a very unexpected way - quite often when you need that precision (landing).

Anyway, I will persevere. And will also try M&K although my first arrempts were rubbish :).

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