World War 3 Gameplay and Impressions

World War 3 Gameplay and First Impressions. There is a BIG gap in the market for a modern FPS game like this, is it any good though? Let's take a look!


Early access launch was fubar, but even w/ that I am excited about a new game for the first time in years.
But yes, lots of bugs to iron out.

If is a huge two letter word, but IF the developer can make continued strides towards improvement, I think this one will be a gem.
The $28 buck asking price is a no brainer, even for my cheap ass.

ps... I keep mashing the Q key, and all I do is lean :)
my k/d is terrible, lol! Need defibs. While I miss that stuff, I dont miss the usual EA price tag
yah, sounds good, price and modern BF kinda environment, but JackFrags wonders - as I now do - why the missile and drone kills?

check it at the 8 minute mark

I hear ya. I also have felt at times "there seems to be alot of artillery right now"

My uneducated view is they are trying to keep every potential purchaser happy.
They cant just focus on what us old geezers want. They would be alienating a fair segment of potential sales, if they overlooked the cod crowd.

Were still in pre launch development I suppose.
If enough ppl complain about the frequency of bombardment, the squeaky wheel will probably get the grease.
For me, sometimes I get caught up in it, but more often now I find it easier to hide from it than when I started.
that's well put, - divisive is the gaming world, old geezers want on ground foot battles, with vehicles, that's cool.

But that aerial bombardment is for the kiddies. Like in BFV, the V-1 rockets - you can certainly hear them but they're like weeds - way too many.

Now a taste of what that kind of artillery fire is like is well done on BF1's Achi Baba - one side when it owns, gets the pick-up call in the artillery tool. Man! talk about incoming, but its natural and not overdone on that map. Called the Infiltrator elite kit, its available on the 4 Turning of the Tides map set.
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