What would a Zombie Infection mode look like in BF3?


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Jan 15, 2011
I know any comparison to COD is rage inducing, but alternative game modes like Zombie Infection predate COD, so manage your rage.

What would Zombie Infection look like? We're trying to put together an admin plugin that would implement something like Zombie Infection.

What is Zombie Infection? Generally, it is a TDM Infantry Only mode where one team is human and the other team is zombie. Every time a human is killed he becomes a zombie (moved from one team to the other on death). Human victory condition is to survive for a specified period of time, zombie victory condition is to kill all the humans in that time period. This would have to run unranked, of course.

That's what's common to all the different game types, going all the way back to CSS. From there, there are tons of variations, like, in BF2 there was an honor system rule that only zombies can rez and use med packs. Some kind of weapon limitation is typical, like zombies can use knife only (or fists, if the FPS allows).

So what would this mode look like in BF3?

* How many zombies to start with? If it was 23 vs 1, I don't think the zombies would ever win, particularly if zombies were limited to knife only. Humans would just camp zombie spawn points and that would be it.

* Some kind of adaptive weapon limit system, like, zombies can start with knife and grenade, but are limited only to knife when they have a majority? Similarly, humans can only use .44 pistol to start, but then can add shotguns when zombies have a majority?

* What about T-UGS? MAV? Spawn beacons? Mortar?

* Since TDM is kills based rather than time, how about basing victory conditions on number of kills? For example, if humans achieve 100 kills, they win? Zombies win by killing all humans before humans get 100 kills.

* All unlocks available (since its unranked)?

* What should recommended server settings be? Overall some kind of ultra hard core would be in order, particularly for man down time and spawn time, soldier health, etc. Zombies should be able to kill with one hit of a knife.

Any other suggestions?

If you are interested in the PRoCon implementation discussion, it starts here:



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Jan 15, 2011
If you are interested in helping me test the Zombie Infection Mode code, join this unranked server any time this weekend.

Server Name: Branzone.com - =LGN= Legion Clan - Zombie Mode TEST


Password: zombie


US team are the last surviving humans on the map. RU team are infected zombies. At start of round, 1 to 4 players are randomly chosen and moved to the zombie (RU) team. Everyone else is moved to the human (US) team. Every time a zombie kills a human, the human is moved to the zombie team. Zombies win by killing all humans. Humans win by killing a minimum number of zombies (20 for the sake of the test, will be 100 for the real game).

Humans start with revolver pistols only (.44 and Rex). When there are more zombies than humans, humans may use any shotgun as well.

Zombies start with knife, defib and grenades. After zombies get their first kill, they have to stop using grenades.

As a test, try any weapon and see if the code warns you properly and kicks you if you ignore the warning!

Pay attention to the chat messages. Rules are listed and changes in weapon restrictions are posted.


Just having a full server would help test. If you can just join and be idle, that will help test. Set up your PC to join when you don't really have time to play normally.


Getting the mode started is a little tricky. Needs at least 2 players to start. It may look like normal TDM at first (although ultra hard core). After a round ends and all the players are moved, at least one zombie player must spawn to start the countdown. The game will get stuck if no zombies spawn, if they all leave or if the moves fail. If that happens, a human should suicide and move to the zombie team. If the game won't let you move, quit the server, rejoin and move to the zombie team, then spawn.

Sometimes the OnRoundStart happens BEFORE the server moves all players, which means the moves may get all messed up. This happens rarely, but if it does happen, just do the best you can.

If there are any problems, post here.

Once the name of the server changes to something other than Zombie Mode TEST, the test will be over.



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Jan 15, 2011
Give it another try. I've changed it to start using commands, instead of automatically:

!zombie start

!zombie stop

!zombie round

The last one starts the mode and ends the round after a winner is declared.

It needs at least 2 players to get started, so if you can be idle that would be great.
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