Web delator, for what it's worth.....


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Aug 14, 2004
Delator has an ingame banning ability, but if anyone want's to use this, it's an early version of php scripting I've done for a web interface for banning people in delator. I've since integrated the coding into my web site, but this is the raw starting script, that way you can use it as you wish in almost any configuration. It is set up for a pc running XP, delator along with php/apache to allow web hosting. I'm sure it can be changed for other set ups, but as I've only got xp and 98 ( 98 doesn't easily allow for turing off programs ) this was built to run on that.


index.php ( prompt to ban by name or ip )
indexip.php & ipban.php - form input and script pages for ip bans
indexname.php & nameban.php - form input and script pages name bans
startd.bat & stopd.bat - starts and stops delator to update the ip files. ( name bans do not need to restart the program )

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