Usefulness of the MoHAdmin Forums

Oct 23, 2003
First of all--let me thank Defiant. He's the only one who tried to help me out. I know there is a lot of knowledge on these forums, but I also know a lot of you think that people ask questions out of pure laziness, because they don't do topic searches and ignore posts asking for help.

You need to realize that topic searches are not as helpful as you think in some cases. The problem is usually too much information and sometimes conflicting or inconsistent information. I was trying to get mohstats started and I was having a problem getting my server qconsole.log file to register kills/deaths, etc. I did a topic search on the MoHAdmin forums and got an incredible amount of hits. I read through them all, extracted the ones that I thought would help me and still ended up with 12-15 diferent answers to my question.

I eventually got the server log working by trial and error. That's fine--everyone needs to work through their own server issues and I'm not lazy, but the total lack of responses to my request for help (given all the views it got), frankly sucked.

Now that I got the server to log the info, I was going to ask for advice on mohstats. I configured it as per the manual, but when I execute the PhP batch file to run mohstats and drop it in the output folder, I'm getting nothing. And there's a crapload of info on mohstats too, not just in this forum, but in others, I guess I'll start reading through it all although I know someone in here probably has done it and has the answer already. I'm not going to bother asking here, because I don't expect a response.
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