[TL] Black Ops Tactical Mod Beta Released


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Dec 4, 2008
To download the [TL] CoD Black Ops Tactical Mod Beta visit http://www.thunderinglegionclan.com Servers > Downloads > CoD Black Ops > Mods

The readme.txt:

XII Legion Tactical Black Ops Mod Beta v1.0

This mod is a beta. Please let us know of any problems or recommendations

If you need help visit our XII Legion Mod support forum at http://www.thunderinglegionclan.com

// Mod Team // Chiblu - coding - [TL]Dude4Him - server related

Thanks to [TL], 509th, GITS, and =IFIS= clan members for testing! Also, =IFIS=2BD for making images!
Thanks pcdev & sparkysparks, gameservers.com and Treyarch for support.

Every map (including DLC's) work with this mod.

This mod supports up to 22 bots. The bots can change maps in rotation! However, bots will fill up your server with gametypes that switch sides!

Please review all the adjustable commands available in the XII_configs folder. DO NOT change change anything in the other folders.

To install this mod on your Gameservers.com Unranked server, Give your mod folder a name like mp_cool_mod then upload the entire folder to your server.
Go to your server web control panel at gameservers.com, click on the config tab. Click the down arrow and select commandline.txt and click Update.
In the Mod: window put your mod folder name: mp_cool_mod
In the config file put: myWhitelist.cfg
Save Changes. THen go to your info page for your server and click Re-Sync
YOur server will restart with the mod active.

How to set up your HTTP redirect:
Create a folder on your HTTP web space named bo and create a folder inside that folder named mods
Inside the bo\mods folder create a folder with the exact same name as your mod folder (i.e., mp_cool_mod) and upload only the .iwd and the mod.ff files
into this folder. DO NOT upload anything else to the web redirect - only the iwd and the mod.ff
Set your www address and change your server name in the myWhitelist.cfg. Upload to your server and resync.

What's planned in the next release...

- Adding no-sway sniper rifles with full screen scope overlay for snipers only clans



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Dec 4, 2008
XII Legion Mod Version 1.0a

This mod in it's cuurent version is designed for tactical style gaming.

This release is a beta release and as such may contain bugs which we will endeavour to resolve as they are reported.

The mod contains the following functionality.

- In game minimap with selectable icons.
This allows you to have the minimap showing continually in game and the ability to turn on or off icons on the map.
- Punish Escalation
For any violation of the punishable controls like crouch you can perform multiple levels of punishment for
players so as they continue to violate the rules of your server they can be punished more severly including
kicking them from the game.
- Crouch mod
This allows you to enforce player crouching ingame and you can set the ability to run or walk without ads for
a given time. You can also specify the recovery time and punishments for not crouching.
- Hip shooting mod
This allows you to stop players from shooting from the hip (must use ADS) for selected weapon classes.
You can specify what punichments are used
- Inside/Outside weapon usage
This mod allows you to specify if certain weapons can only be used inside or outside, inside is defined as any
place having a roof or surface over the player. You can set punishment levels for violations.
- Ingame Death/Alive team status.
The hud shows a summary of how many players for each team are alive or dead (dead includes spawning)
- Custom messages.
The mod allows versiob messages to be displayed, this includes connection/welcome message text and repeating annoucments
and notices.
- Jumap and Fall Height
This allows you to set the maximum jump height and the maximum fall height, this stops players from jumpong out
of second story windows and surviving...
- Range finder
When in ADS the top of the hud will show a distance in yards or meters to the sighted object.


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Dec 4, 2008
You can sprint short distances (adjustable) but if you run too far then you get shaky-screen punished. One of my biggest anooyances of BO is a player jumps high in the air and shoots you while mid-air. They cannot do this with our mod :)
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