I was doing some testing with the autodownload feature and found something a little strange.

When I turned downloading on at the client the server forced me to download the custom map that I had installed server side; although, the server was not running the custom map.

If I set the download feature to off on the client the server loaded the map running and let me join. It then kicked me when the custom map came into rotation because I didn't have the map.

Now, my understanding is that because my server is set to sv_pure "1" the server should not have let me connect if I allowed dloading or not.

Can someone explain this?


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Jul 30, 2003

Pure wont detectd custom maps!!!

Pure is looking for fuiles that change gameplay like skins or mods!

When you download a mod frim server and want to connect to a pure server without that mod he say Unpure.

Maps have nothing to do with gameplay and wont change weapon settings skins or so...................

When your server is set to download 1 be sure that you dont have MODS or so jusr maps this will work!
But the server send everything to cliebnt when download is set to 1!!!!


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Sep 25, 2003
If your client downloads are on or off, it has nothing to do with sv_pure 1. The sv_pure just makes sure that whatever files the "server" has - the client has "at least" those same files. If you have more files then the server it won't matter. If the server has more files then you, and downloads are turned on at both ends, the server will download to the client whatever files the client is missing.

If you have downloads off on the client - and the client is missing a Map file - the server will allow you to enter until the server reaches that map - it then kicks you for not having the needed file.

If the server is running a mod that requires a client side version as well, it will not or should not let you join the server at all.

sv_pure checks to make sure of this: whatever files the server and client have that are the same name, that the integrity of such files match exactly. It does not check to see if your "add-on" files are pure or not -the server does not care because the server is not using those files.

You can have pak files from quake, mohaa, spearhead, rtcw all in your Call of Duty main folder and still be able to join any server with sv_pure 1(enabled). FYI


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Mar 17, 2018
I know its a very old thread and its about CoD,not the second edition, but i have veeeeery similar problem, and maybe someone will be able to help me.
I want to run my server with ALL RIFLES mode - this mode include even unscoped springfield.
and now:
when my server is sv_pure 1 it WONT download any files, which are needed to play.
(i have www download, and it works good)
when i launch my server with sv_pure 0 everything is perfect.

I've placed the mod in spr folder NEXT TO main, and i run with + set fs_game spr parameter.

Can someone help me?
Here's the IP of the server I am talking about.
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