Looks like Steam has updated their Chat app. This looks interesting and I wonder how it will compare to Discord

Both Steam Client and Web based

More info here


I think they want to put Discord out of business...

It makes a TeamSpeak server redundant at this point.
That is what I'm reading around the gaming sites. TBH, I use in game chat when playing, I've tried Team Speak and Discord but I really don't want to install, start and config a 3rd party app. I understand the 3rd party apps have private/public rooms and some other things. However when I play I'm anti social outside of my squad I'm trying to play as a team with.
We have had a TeamSpeak server in our name for over 16 years! And Roger Wilco before that. I suggested Discord a while back to my lot but no one wanted to install it.

They are resistant to change but most everything we have played over the years has been on Steam so maybe we will come into more modern times. Our current version of our forum has just had its 10th birthday, it might now get renewed next year.

There is no need for forum or VOIP server these days for any group of players.
WOW that was the other chat service, Roger Wilco forgot about them. I hear Discord sells user data and that is the biggest issue some have with them. Not sure how they think they can get something for free without your info being sold to support the service.

PS we would never sell user data
They sell user data? Hmmm....guess like me, people don't even think about that. I'm sure it's in the service agreement fine print everyone just accepts when they install it. Ah well, I've used both and they both have their good points and bad. I still miss Xfire though!
We have been messing about with it and it appears to work well. There is one guy that is having issues but most of the guys are impressed by the audio quality and lack of delay common to TeamSpeak.
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