Slow login BF2 try this


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Oct 23, 2002

The login server delays are caused by server timeouts in your favourites list - for every red favourite you have in there, another approx 5 secs will be added to your login time. Stupid I know, but that is the way it's worked since the 1.3 release.

So, either log and and delete those red favourites, or do the manual route below:

1. Navigate to your My Documents folder and then Battlefield 2\Profiles\0001 inside that.
(Normally 0001, which I believe is the one at the top of the login list - YMMV)
2. Open General.con in notepad (NOT msword, wordpad or some other similar toy)
3. Delete all lines that begin GeneralSettings.addServerHistory and GeneralSettings.addFavouriteServer (you could be selective and keep ones that you know are still pingable).
4. Save, and try again.

You may also need to use this manual method to delete Undefined favourites and other similar ones that have become corrupt.
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