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Server Port Config

I am going to sticky this so everyone knows:

7757 UDP/IP (Game Port)
7758 UDP/IP (Query Port)
7767 UDP/IP (GameSpy Query Port)
28902 TCP/IP and UDP (Allows your Server to Connect to the Master Server Browser)
8075 TCP/IP (Port set via ListenPort that your WebAdmin will run on)
20610 UDP/IP (Steam Port)

Updated April 11, 2008:

With the recent switch to the Steam backend, if you are running more than 1 server per IP, you will need to make sure that you have some additional ports open beyond the default RO ports. If you change the default Game Port from 7757, this change will be reflected in the Master Server Port (28902) and the Steam Port (20610) as well. For instance, if you change your game port to 7767 (10 more than the default), then your Master Server Port will be 28912 (10 more than default) and your Steam port will be 20620 (10 more than default).
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