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Jun 25, 2008
Dublin, Ireland
I set up a Server a few days ago and have been having a lot of trouble with it. However I have overcome most of this except 1 thing that seems to baffle me. Me and certain players seem to be able to connect to it easily but for other players (and many members of my clan for that matter) dont seem to be able to connect to the server. For them it reads "Server connection error, Disk read error" or CD Error or something like this, for some others it simply says Server Connection Timed out. These people bought the game legally so its not like they're using a cracked version. I would be eternally gratefull if someone could help me by either responding to this thread or contacting me through my xfire account which is pattonmoh. Thank you.

PS: Here is the config file of my server if there is anything wrong with it:
// Server Name
// Name that will appear on the server browser
sv_hostname "Irish Bt Server - Voting On - Serving the BID Clan"
seta rconpassword "notinportant"

// Game Type
// 1 Free for All
// 2 Team Based
// 3 Round Based
// 4 Objective
// 5 Of War
// 6 Liberation
set g_gametype 1

// Health Drop
// When enabled players will drop a health pack when killed
set g_healthdrop 1

// Realism
// Toggles reaslistic mode
set g_realismmode 0

// Fast Run Speed
// When checked, the speed at which players can run through levels is increased.
// Leaving it unchecked defaults to Medal of Honor Allied Assault's original run speed
set sv_dmspeedmult 1.100000

// Team Damage
// Toggles friendly fire
set g_teamdamage 0

// Heal Rate
// Determines how fast players heal when they use a health pickup
set g_healrate 100

// Max Players
set sv_maxclients 10

// Time Limit
// This sets the elapsed time at which the game ends, the winner being the player with the highest score at that time.
timelimit 30

// Frag Limit
// The score at which the player or team will win the current map
fraglimit 300

// Map Rotation Time
// This sets the maximum amount of time in minutes players will spend in a particular map.
maprotationtime 30

// Team Spawn Delay
// This sets a delay in seconds between spawns. This is useful if you would like the
// player spawned in batches, rather than one at a time
set sv_team_spawn_interval 0

// Round Reset Time
// This sets how long each round will take, in minutes. This can be smaller than the map rotation time, but not larger.
roundlimit 0

// Inactive Spectate
// This sets the time in seconds after which an inactive player becomes a spectator. To save server bandwidth, 60 seconds is default.
set g_inactivespectate 100

// Inactive Kick
// This sets the time in seconds after which an inactive player is kicked out of the game. 900 (15 minutes) seconds is default.
set g_inactivekick 300

// Use Gamespy
// To use GameSpy gaming service for internet-based multiplayer games.
set sv_gamespy 1

// Pure
// Verifies that the files on the client are the same as those on the server.
set sv_pure 0

// Allow Vote
// Enables players to call a vote.
set g_allowvote 1

// Flood Protect
// Limits amount of text a player can typeset sv_floodprotect 1

// Force Team Spectate
set g_forceteamspectate 1
set dmflags 0
set g_forceready 0
set g_forcespawn 0

// Invulnerable Time
// Amount of time a player is invulnerable for after spawning
set sv_invulnerabletime 3

// Team Kill Warning
// Amount of team kills before the player is warned
set g_teamkillwarn 1

// Team Kill Kick
// Amount of team kills before the player is kicked off the server.
set g_teamkillkick 3

// Team Switch Delay
// Frequency at which you can switch teams
set g_teamswitchdelay 15

// Gravity
set sv_gravity 800.000000

// Allow Join Time
set g_allowjointime 30

// Private Clients
// Clients that require a password to join
set sv_privateclients 0

// Password
// Allows you to set a password for the server
set sv_privatepassword ""

// Keywords
// Keywords which allow browsers to filter servers.
set sv_keywords ""

// Minimum Ping
set sv_minping 0

// Maximum Ping
set sv_maxping 300

// Maximum Rate
set sv_maxrate 0

// Map
// Starting map on the rotation.
map "obj/mp_palermo_obj"

// Map Rotation List
sv_maplist "DM/mohdm5 DM/mp_malta_dm DM/mp_gewitter_dm obj/mp_castello_obj obj/mp_montecassino_tow DM/mohdm7 DM/mohdm4 DM/mp_brest_dm"

// Optimize Net Settings
set sv_netoptimize 0
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Sep 22, 2003
St Louis
I have not found a fool proof way to address these issues although some times a little time seems to help. Also make sure you are setting dedicated in the startup command line.

What happens if they open the console and type "connect x.x.x.x" where x.x.x.x is your server IP?


Sep 22, 2003
St Louis
Sometimes it takes several days for it to show up consistently in game server browser -- but I don't think that is the problem you are describing.


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Jun 25, 2008
Dublin, Ireland
No for other people the see the server in the browser, but still no luck when they try to connect. Even when they try by connecting IP as you described or connecting through xfire. However an admin I know has given me a possible sollution that might work. I will get back to you when we find the results.


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Jun 25, 2008
Dublin, Ireland
I successfully set up my server (The problem was editing a file in the server called HOSTS in C:/Windows/System 32/Drivers/Etc) and its doing well apart from one thing. I dont know how to ban players that I dont want on my server such as hackers, etc. I was hoping if there is a console command for this. I was also hoping that if this requires a program to permanently ban players, that it is one that does not affect other things such as custom skins, mods, etc.... ie: I dont want a program like CI or foresight but a simple one just used for banning unwanted players.
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