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Jun 28, 2011
Hi All,

sCon has recently launched and is currently managing 262 servers world wide, including many of the highest ranked servers out there. We are also managing some big clans from all around the world. One you may know is =1PARA=

What is it?
sCon Mod is a Multi Server in game admin tool that is completely web based. That means you can administer your server without having to keep your PC on, wasting all that power. Say your pc uses 400 watts of power, that is standard for any decent PC.

Say you have an average leccy bill per unit cost of 12p/KWH

Say you leave it on 24/7

So that lappy uses 9.6 Killa Watt hours per day, (24hours * 0.4Kw)

That's 82.8p per day (6.9 Kwh *12p)

Then that multiplied by 30 is £24.84 a month!

This is not hosting for other tools currently available. With sCon you have the same level of control as you would if you were running a tool on your own PC except it will cost you less in electricity and bandwidth.

What can it do?

(PLEASE BE AWARE: This list is out of date, it would take far too much dev time to update it regularly, for a full list please check our change log ( here.

For a quick overview, take a look at:

sCon Mod can be fully customised via the online Control Panel. This includes:
Full Permission Control of Control Panel and In Game Administration
Map Rotations
Rule Sets (banned weapons ect)
Language Filter
Unlimited Amount Of Servers
Customisable Server Commands
Complete Logging
FULL Vote Capability (next map, gametype, kick, ban etc)
Show Top 5 players In The Server - Can also be used to show the top players within a given range.
Highest Standard 1 on 1 support via forums, PM's, Teamspeak and a Ticket System.
Killed command to show you who killed you last, with what weapon and where on the body you were shot.
Playlist manager - Change playlist midgame
Fully functional nextmap and next game type setting.
Completely customisable commands such as "!servers" to display a list of your clans servers. And also "!website" to show the clans website.
and Much More.

There is also a web rcon tool that allows you to perform in game functions using the web browser.

What Now?
Pop over to to discover even more of our extensive features list and see what existing users are saying about sCon.

Why do we charge?

With sCon we aim to give first class customer support. We also host it ourselves on our servers dedicated to running sCon. This gives you full usage without having to worry about maintaining and running of the server. We do all that for you. Please also take a look at this link -

I will be happy to answer any questions either here or in the sCon forums. If you would like anymore information or a demo access to the online control panel just post here or alternatively you can email me at

If you want a chat 1 -1 then our teamspeak is:

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