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Oct 28, 2010
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Reposted from Steam Homefront Forums:
ROC | Rules of Combat is pleased to announce our new Global Ban List Streaming System is now LIVE and ready for immediate deployment ! The system is simple to deploy across all Homefront server platforms. Simply visit our website and register your server to start banning cheaters and hackers immediately.

Server Streaming

If you need any assistance at all, you can contact ROC via email, Teamspeak or the forums.

ROC | Rules of Combat is also please announce that our new Global Ban List is live. You can grab the GBL from our forums.

ROC Global Ban List

ROC | Rules of Combat Online Reporting System

ROC | Rules of Combat is dedicated to the investigation of players and servers that are in direct violation of the rules of game as set forth by the game makers and game developers. We provide players, server administrators and game server providers with a platform in which to report these violations directly. With our revamped state of the art reporting system designed by ourselves, the player, server administrator or game server provider can submit reports to us that will then be investigated and further evidence gathered by ourselves, verified then forwarded to the proper destination.

We also provide server administration and assist server administrators with the tools they need to catch and protect their servers against cheaters, hackers and abusive players on a global level.

ROC - Rules of Combat is a community wide support system and launching platform for all game community members, clans, groups and game server providers to employ. Our mission is simple. Provide the global gaming community with a support system that works and you can depend on.

We are Rules of Combat

Also, our Reporting System is LIVE and ready to receive any and all reports of cheaters and hackers for Homefront. Backed by KAOS Studios and Digital Extremes, Rules of Combat accepts all demo recordings from players and server administrators.

Once submitted, ROC staff reviews them within minutes. If the named player is found to indeed be cheating and or hacking, they are added to the Global Ban List system and banned across all Homefront servers that currently carry the ROC GBL and or that have ROC Streaming setup and running.

At present, ROC only accepts demo recordings for report submissions. If you are unable to obtain the demo recording, or the server your playing on does not currently offer the demo recordings, please contact us ASAP and we will attempt to obtain the demo for you and or contact the server administrator to find out why they are not including the demo link to the public.

Homefront Player Report


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Nov 27, 2007
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Did I miss a server or VAC update that added the ability to stream information to a 3rd party in real time?

If it requires your FTP info that's not streaming in the traditional sense like PBBans and PsB. That would be a banlist updater script instead, much like the PsB Auto-MBL.

With all the security breaches occuring these days I wouldn't give my FTP info to anyone. Hell I've removed my credit card info from all of my frequent online shops just to be safe with all the breaches in recent months.
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