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Nov 12, 2002
It appears that I will be required to start up an RO server.

I was a member here back in the days and as a new server admin, I received an enormous amount of useful and non-judgemental help from the fine folks here. I'm back in the noobie boat again and am seeking some more help.

I know absolutely nothing about aout Valve, Steam, Source, or any of the "finer" points about running a server of this nature. Though I have a Valve account , HL2, and CS:Source on my home computer I've never played on line with them.

I hardly know enough to ask an intelligent question. So.....I'll tell you what I have, what I'd like to do, and perhaps someone can get me started in the right direction.

I rent a dedicated server :
2.4Ghz dual Xeon machine w/
2Gbytes ram
2 HD's
O/S is Windows Server 2003

I use Window Remote Desktop Program to access the server. Currently I have 3 Cod:UO servers running. I dumped CoD2 last month for obvious reasons.

I would like to run a Red Orchestra server.

In general:
What do I need (as a complete noob) to start up a server to run Red Orchestra? The server has NO steam/valve/HL2 installed on it.

Then what is the best way to admin the server? Just edit the .ini files? A Webadmin program?

Assuming I get a server up and running, I'll be asking about other programs to monitor language, tk's, etc. (hopefully that is possible)

Thanks in advance.

Floyd (get ready for a rash of new RO server

**EDIT*** sorry, but somehow I posted in the wrong area. Please move if need be. Thx.
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