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May 9, 2006
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When advertising your clan please include the following:

  • The Games you play - (That is PC games! yes some people post without mentioning the game they play)
  • The number of servers with their IP's - (so people can play with you before making the decision to talk to you)
  • The location of your servers - (Country! The planet is a big place tell us where you are! Ping is a killer)
  • The location of the bulk of your membership - (Language is important, it's good to talk Also helpful to know about time zones)
  • How many members - ( am I to be one of many lost in the crowd or Billy no mates!)
  • Clan costs or membership fees - (them dedi-servers don't rent themselves, how much is it going to cost me to a member?)
  • Contact details - (I can't believe I'm having to remind people about this but there you go. "Join our clan the first test is you have to use the force to find us!")

The reason for this is these basic things are often left out of recruitment posts.

Bumping! shameless bumping is not a good thing. Posting to your own message is OK if you have something to say, new information or clan event. Get other members of your clan to post. Tell prospective members about the great things you get up to, Matches, wins and losses, anything and every thing you get up to. Bumps will be deleted.

Also I would like to point out that this is a PC game forum and site. To my absolute amazement people are advertising Console only clans here! Do these people read the forum? I know that some don't as I have spoken with a couple and they were completely unaware that this is a PC forum. They are googleing "clan recruitment" not reading any of the forum and just posting.

Console clan recruitment messages will be deleted!

Due to the "hit and run" nature of most of the posts in this section, if warnings are given, non complying posts will be deleted after 48 hours.
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