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Oct 21, 2010
Hi guys,

I have nobody else to turn to and am a newbie server owner through www.hostilecontact.com. I rented a 30 slot MOHPA server, but I cant get rcon to work in it at all. I already added the set rconpasword "yourpassw" in the config file and restarted the server.

When I go into the server and try to login to rcon it doesnt even say "bad password" or anythign like that. Acts like its not even enabled. I know some people said there is a bug and you need to reboot the server.. Ive done this multiples times and still nothing that even ackknowledges rcon.

Am I missing a step or something? I have a event coming up this weekend and really need this to be fully operational. Any fast advise is GREATLY appreciated.



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Oct 21, 2010
Surely, Of course Just to be safe i'm xxxing out the password just incase somebody gets it to work and messes with things before I can :)

// Server Name
// Name that will appear on the server browser
sv_hostname "Sempers Playground "
// Recon Password
// Allows you to set a password for the server
set rconpassword "XXXXXXX"
// Max Players
set sv_maxclients 30
// Enable Punkbuster
// Turns on punkbuster requirements for the server
set punkbuster "0"
// run the server on both proccessors
set r_smp "1"
// Password
// Allows you to set a password for the server
set password ""
// Max Players
set sv_maxclients "30"

// COloca un password para un slot privado
// set sv_privateClients "1"
// set sv_privatepassword "baldo"
// Time Limit
// This sets the elapsed time at which the game ends, the
set timelimit "30"
// Frag Limit
// The score at which the player or team will win the current map
set fraglimit "150"
// Welcome message
// Will show up on the client when they join the server
set g_motd "Welcome to "=WTC= War Troops Clan"
// Game Type
// 1 Free for All
// 2 TeamDeathMatch
// 6 Invader
set g_gametype "6"
// Heal Rate
// Determines how fast players heal when they use a health pickup
set g_healrate "10"
// Health Drop
// When enabled players will drop a health pack when killed
set dm_classesDeathDropHealth "1"
// Backpack Drop
// When enabled players will drop their backpack when killed
set dm_classesDeathDropBackpack "1"
// Weapon Drop
// When enabled players will drop their weapon when killed
set dm_deathDropWeapon "1"
// Realism
// Toggles reaslistic mode
set g_realismmode "0"
// Fast Run Speed
// When checked, the speed at which players can run through levels is increased
// Leaving it unchecked defaults to Medal of Honor Allied Assault?s original run speed
set sv_runspeed "230"
// Team Damage
// Toggles friendly fire
set dm_teamdamage "1"
// Infinite Ammo
// Toggles the unlimited ammo setting
set g_unlimitedammo "1"
// GameSpy
// When set to one, creates a community server available through GameSpy
set sv_communitypublic "1"
// Inactive Spectate
// This sets the time in seconds after which an inactive player becomes a spectator To save server bandwidth, 60 seconds is default
set g_inactivespectate "360"
// Map duration
// This sets the amount of play time on this map.
set g_tempmaptime "30"
// Invulnerable Time
// Amount of time a player is invulnerable for after spawning
set sv_invulnerabletime "7"
// INFO Threshold
// If >0 then limits amount of server INFO packets to send out per second
set dm_infoThreshhold "0"
// STATUS Threshold
// If >0 then limits amount of server STATUS packets to send out per second
set dm_statusThreshhold "0"
// Max Rag Dolls
// The number of bodies that will use the rag doll physics
set dm_maxragdolls "10"
// DM Speed Mult
// How much faster than single player the multiplayer players run
set sv_dmspeedmult "1.10000"
// Mute Spectators
// Prevents spectators from joining in the chat
set g_spectate_allow_full_chat "1"
// Show Enemy Names
// Show the names of the enemies when your looking at them
set g_showlookat "0"
// Bleed To Death
// Allow the players to bleed to deathy when the take aggrivated wounds
set dm_bleedtodeath "1"
// Disable Bleeding
// Show the bleeding of the players in multiplayer
set sv_disablebleeding "0"
// Online Stat Tracking
// Connects to the stats tracking server to track your games
set sv_communitystats "1"
// Enable retreating
// Indicates if the server supports the defender fall back function
set g_retreat_enable "1"
// Retreat respawn
// If true respawn defenders with full weapons/ammo/health
set g_retreat_respawn "1"
// Retreat cost
// If true then accepting retreat use icon costs defenders a spawn
set g_retreat_cost "0"
// Retreat time
// How long the retreat use icon will remain after an objective is lost
set g_retreat_time "10.000000"
// Retreat Delay
// How long after hitting use icon that the player actually retreats
set g_retreat_delay "0.000000"
// Pure
// When set to 1, the client and server must match This is pure
set sv_pure "1"
// Able Group Name
// The name of the "Allies" group
set sv_ablegroupname "ALLIES"
// Baker Group Name
// The name of the "Axis" group
set sv_bakergroupname "AXIS"
// Attacker Advance Delay
// Stalls the attacking advance at the beggining of the match
set dm_attackerAdvanceDelay "5.000000"
// Effects Controller
// A "1" in this field indicates that all ambience is on, and a "0" indicates ambience
// is off and bandwidth is conserved
set dm_effectscontroller "0"
// Aim assist zoom
// The amount of zoom on an aim assist
set dm_aimassistZoom "20"
// Aim assist zoom time
// The delay before it the aim assist activates
set dm_aimassistZoomTime "0.000000"
// FFA Allied Pistol
// Free For All Allied pistol setting
set dm_ffaAlliedPistol "300"
// FFA Max Health
// Free For All health cap
set dm_ffaMaxHealth "100"
// Large Player Count
// The large players setting
set dm_largePlayerCount "10"
// Post Round Wait Time
// Number of seconds to wait after round ends
set dm_postroundwaittime "20.000000"
// Use Hag Initial Bullet Count
// If zero then use dm_*_ammo_init cvars instead of HAGs to determine initial weapon loads
set dm_useHagInitialBulletCount "1"
// Seconds Left In Match
// Sets the countdown seconds for the match
set dm_secondsLeftInMatch "60"
// Wait For Transition Flag
// The delay when waiting for the transition flag
set dm_waitfortransitionflag "0"
// Incapacitated Max Health
// The maximum amount of health allowable when incapacitated
set dm_incapacitatedMaxHealth "50.000000"
// Team Kill Warning
// Warning message sent to the player for team killing
// Team Kill Warnings
// Number of warnings before being banned
set g_teamkillwarn "3"
// Team Kill Kick
// Amount of team kills before the player is kicked off the server
set g_teamkillkick "5"
// Kick Duration
// The amount of time before a team killer is allowed back onto the server
set g_teamkillbanduration "20"
// Inactive Kick
// This sets the time in seconds after which an inactive player is kicked out of the game
//900 (15 minutes) seconds is default
set g_inactivekick "1420"
// Warm-Up Interval
// the amount of time spent in the warm-up mode
set g_warmup "35"
// Respawn Interval
// Delay before the player respawns
set g_respawn_time "5"
// Vote Majority
// Sets the majority required for a vote to pass
set dm_votemajority "51"
// Body Time Max
// The maximum amount of time to rag doll a body
set dm_bodytime_max "10"
// Body Time Min
// The minimum amount of time to rag doll a body
set dm_bodytime_min "3.000000"
// Corpsman Attention Dist
// The distance before the corpsman attention is enabled
set dm_corpsmanAttentionDist "500"
// Corpsman Heal Amount
// The healing power of the corpsman
set dm_corpsmanHealAmount "115"
// Corpsman Heal Time
// the time it takes for the corpsman to heal
set dm_corpsmanHealTime "2.000000"
// Corpsman Max Morphine
// The maximum amount of morphine the corpsman can carry
set dm_corpsmanMaxMorphine "8"
// Corpsman Max Sulfa
// The maximum amount of sulfa the corpsman can carry
set dm_corpsmanMaxSulfa "4"
// Corpsman Revive Time
// The delay before the corpsman can revive
set dm_corpsmanReviveTime "2.000000"
// Engineer Disarm Expl Speedup
// SpeedUp for the engineer to disarm explosives
set dm_engineerDisarmExplSpeedup "4.000000"
// Engineer Max Explosives
// The maximum number of explosives the engineer can carry
set dm_engineerMaxExplosives "4"
// Engineer Plant Expl Speedup
// SpeedUp for the engineer to plant explosives
set dm_engineerPlantExplSpeedup "4.000000"
// Player Spawn Method
// Spawn hueristics
// Auto Balance
// Auto balances the teams
// 0 - normal
// 1 - force you when you enter the game
// 3 - force you when you die (balancing if people leave the server mid game)
set g_teamautobalance "0"
// Disable classes in Team Deathmatch
set dm_combatclassesenabled "1"
// Enable voting in games
set g_allowvote "0"
// Do Warmup
// If zero there won't be a warmup infront of invader games
set g_doWarmup "1"
// Peace Warmup
// If zero them players can kill each other durring warmup
set g_peace_warmup "0"
// Invert Objective Numbers
set g_invobjno "0"
// Infantry Limits
set sv_restrict_infantry "125"
// Corpsman Limits
set sv_restrict_corpsman "100"
// Engineer Limits
set sv_restrict_engineer "100"
// Ammo Tech Limits
set sv_restrict_ammotech "100"
// Close Range Limits
set sv_restrict_closerange "100"
// Rifles Limits
set sv_restrict_rifle "100"
// Sub Machine Guns Limits
set sv_restrict_smg "100"
// Machine Guns Limits
set sv_restrict_mg "100"
// Sniper Rifles Limits
set sv_restrict_sniperrifle "100"
// Connection Restriction
// Limits the ping times to prevent the server from getting overburdened
set sv_pingrestrict "200"
// Spawn Pool Size
// Number of lives in spawnpool If =0 then it?s 6x number of players at start, otherwise it?s the multiple
set g_spawnmultiple "12"
// Kick Restrictions
set sv_kickrestrict "0"
// Min Team bonus
set sv_minteambonus "0"
// Max Team bonus
set sv_maxteambonus "0"
// Min Kills
set sv_minkills "0"
// Max Kills
set sv_maxkills "0"
// Min Team Online
set sv_mintimeonline "0"
// Max Team Online
set sv_maxtimeonline "0"
// Allied Frags
// The cap on the number of allied frags before the round is over
set dm_alliesFrags "100"
// Axis Frags
// The cap on the number of axis frags before the round is over
set dm_axisFrags "100"
// Map
// Starting map on the rotation
map "maps/dm/mp_gifu_inv.bsp"
// Map Rotation List
set sv_maplist "6 maps/dm/mp_bougainville_inv.bsp;6 maps/dm/MP_Bataan_INV.bsp;6 maps/dm/MP_Bridge_INV.bsp;6 maps/dm/MP_Airfield_INV.bsp;6 maps/dm/MP_Gavutu_INV.bsp;6 maps/dm/mp_gifu_inv.bsp;6 maps/dm/mp_corregidor_inv.bsp;6 maps/dm/mp_matanikau_inv.bsp;6 maps/dm/mp_wakeisland_inv.bsp;"

// Ammo Boxes Count Init
// Initial amount of ammo in the ammo boxes
set dm_ammoboxes_count_init "10"
// Ammo Boxes Count Max
// Maximum amount of ammo found
set dm_ammoboxes_count_max "10"
// Artillery Ammo Time
// The amount of time before the artillery ammo respawns
set dm_artilleryAmmoTime "4.000000"
// Artillery Internal Ammo
// The internal amount of ammo the artillery guns can hold
set dm_artilleryInternalAmmo "2"
// MG Ammo Time
// The amount of time before the MG ammo respawns
set dm_mgAmmoTime "1.500000"
// MG Internal Ammo
// The internal amount of ammo the MG guns can hold
set dm_mgInternalAmmo "100"
// Pistol Ammo Init
// Your initial pistol ammo
set dm_pistol_ammo_init "50"
// Pistol Ammo Max
// The maximum amount of ammo in a pistol
set dm_pistol_ammo_max "200"
// Rifle Ammo Init
// Your initial rifle ammo
set dm_rifle_ammo_init "100"
// Rifle Ammo Max
// The maximum amount of ammo in a rifle
set dm_rifle_ammo_max "200"
// SMG Ammo Init
// Your SMG ammo
set dm_smg_ammo_init "200"
// SMG Ammo Max
// he maximum amount of ammo in a SMG
set dm_smg_ammo_max "200"

// MG Cool Rate
set dm_mgCoolRate "2.250000"
// MG Heat Rate
set dm_mgHeatRate "50.000000"
// MG Jam Time
set dm_mgJamTime "1.750000"
// MG Max Health
set dm_mgMaxHealth "150"
// MG Supply Count
set dm_mgSupplyCount "3"
// MG Supply Max Count
set dm_mgSupplyMaxCount "10"
// MG Supply Size
set dm_mgSupplySize "60"
// MG User Distance
// The distance the user needs to be before operating the MG
set dm_mgUserDistance "64"
// Cornucopia Ammo
// if zero then ammoboxes only refill weapon in hand, not all weapons in inventory
set dm_cornucopiaAmmo "1"
// Full Restock Ammo
// If zero then only a partial restock of ammo happens when running over ammoboxes
set dm_fullRestockAmmo "1"
// ViewKickMultiplier
// A value of 1.0 will make the kick in multiplayer the same as that in singleplayer
set dm_dmviewkickmult "1.000000"
// ClientTracer
// When set to 0, all tracer and bullet poof information is transmitted in the traditional
// way, over the wire, for each shot This has a slightly higher degree of realism in some rare situations,
// but normally should be avoided as it comes with a higher network cost The default value of 2 grants more
// network optimizations and is preferred Although 1 is a valid option, it should never be used as it costs
// even more than option 0 as far as performance, yet is less realistic than 0.
set sv_clienttracer "2"
// Artillery Max Health
set dm_artilleryMaxHealth "1750"
// Artillery Support count
set dm_artillerySupplyCount "3"
// Artillery supply max count
set dm_artillerySupplyMaxCount "5"
// Artillery Supply Size
set dm_artillerySupplySize "1"
// Explosives Arm Time
set dm_explosivesArmTime "15.000000"
// Explosives Damage
set dm_explosivesDamage "400"
// Explosives Disarm Time
set dm_explosivesDisarmTime "15.000000"
// Explosives Fuse Time
set dm_explosivesFuseTime "30.000000"
// Explosives Radius
set dm_explosivesRadius "700"
// Grenade Count Init
set dm_grenade_count_init "2"
// Grenade Count Max
set dm_grenade_count_max "2"
// Landmine Defuse Time fon any player
set dm_landmineDefuseTime "8.000000"
// Landmine Defuse Time Engineer
set dm_landmineDefuseTimeEngineer "4.000000"
// Landmine Max Spot Distance
set dm_landmineMaxSpotDistance "500"
// Landmine Spot Mult Crouch
set dm_landmineSpotMultCrouch "0.500000"
// Landmine Spot Mult Prone
set dm_landmineSpotMultProne "1.000000"
// Landmine Spot Mult Stand
set dm_landmineSpotMultStand "0.330000"
// Landmine Spotting Narrowness
set dm_landmineSpottingNarrowness "0.850000"
// Landmines Count Init
set dm_landmines_count_init "3"
// Landmines Count Max
set dm_landmines_count_max "3"
// Satchelcharges Count Init
set dm_satchelcharges_count_init "1"
// Satchelcharges Count Max
set dm_satchelcharges_count_max "1"
// Grenades Allowed
// If zero then no grenades handed out when game starts
set dm_grenadesAllowed "1"
// Landmines Allowed
// If zero then no landmines handed out when game starts
set dm_landminesAllowed "1"
// Satchel Charges Allowed
// If zero then no satchel charges handed out when game starts
set dm_satchelChargesAllowed "1"
set sv_allowed_allied_skins "all"
set sv_allowed_axis_skins "all"
// Death match flags
// DF_NO_ARMOR 2048
// DF_ALLOW_LEAN 262144
set dmflags "395295"


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May 9, 2006
St.Austell Cornwall, UK
From what I remember it looks OK. So how about the way it's being started. What about the command line used to start the server?

Real basic but is the command line "Calling" the config file? So when the program loads it knows to look at the config file to read the information in your settings.


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Oct 21, 2010
I'm assuming that its configured properly, because everything else in the file works fine on the server. IE, runspeeds, ammo allowance, nade limit, landmine limit. All these cvar's updated when I restarted the server... minus the rcon which just refuses to work or even acknowledge its active.

At the beginning I thought it may had been a firewall issue on the servers end, but they told me that if that was the case the game wouldnt run at all. They are probably correct.


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Oct 21, 2010
Here is the current command line:

+set dedicated 2 +set net_ip XXX.XX.XXX.XX +set net_port 13203 +set sv_maxclients 30 +exec server.cfg


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May 9, 2006
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Try calling the Server'cfg first and also include the path if it's not in the same directory.

mohpa_server.exe +exec configs/Server.cfg

If it's in a directory called "configs" (might be a good place for them...) If this is to be the only config you run then having it in the same directory as the mohpa_server.exe is fine too.


Typical invocations will include a default game configuration,
host name, and max number of players. The recommended maximum number
of players in and invader match is 16, the maximum number of players
in any multiplayer game is 32.

Example invocation of a FFA dedicated server:

mohpa_server.exe +exec configs/ffaServer.cfg +set sv_hostname
"FFA Server 1" +set sv_maxclients 20 +set punkbuster 1
+set sv_pure 1 +set sv_communitystats 1

Example invocation of a TDM dedicated server:

mohpa_server.exe +exec configs/tdmServer.cfg +set sv_hostname
"TDM Server 1" +set sv_maxclients 20 +set punkbuster 1
+set sv_pure 1 +set sv_communitystats 1

Example invocation of an invader dedicated server:

mohpa_server.exe +exec configs/invaderServer.cfg
+set sv_hostname "Invader Server 1" +set sv_maxclients 16
+set punkbuster 1 +set sv_pure 1 +set sv_communitystats 1

Example invocation of a FFA server intended for people connecting
in lower bandwidth situations:

mohpa_server.exe +exec configs/ffaServer.cfg
+set sv_hostname "FFA Low Bandwidth Server 1"
+set sv_maxclients 8 +set dm_effectscontroller 0
+set punkbuster 1 +set sv_pure 1 +set sv_communitystats 1


Sep 22, 2003
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Classic MOHAA had an issue where rcon could be lost and a game server restart wouldn't solve it, it required a machine reboot (likely meaning it failed to release an OS level resource so the OS has to restart). Very annoying. Wouldn't surprise me if MOHPA has a similar issue but I don't know for sure since I never admined it.


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Oct 21, 2010
I will try to change around the Command line a bit and see if that does the trick. wont be able to try until later tonight unfortunately.

I'm hoping that the box server does need a actual reboot cause thats something I dont have control over. I'm sure if I had to contact who i rent the server from and asked them to reboot it they would not do it. I can imagine it would cause a domino effect for other peoples games on the same server.


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May 9, 2006
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No m8 asking you GSP to reboot the box is quite normal, if not regular.

Given how old the game is we were a little more than surprised anyone was even asking question in this section...


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Oct 21, 2010
LOL, I'm not surprised to hear of the initial reaction to this blast from the past post. Our Clan use to plan years ago on this game and recently every year I decided to pull them all back together and we have a reunion. Its quite a riot and a lot of fun catching up with old friends.

So thats why i got the server up and running for.. The event which is this weekend. I'll have them reboot the box today then as well. Who knows if the Rcon bug made it into mohpa or not.


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May 9, 2006
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Sort of make me wish I could log on to the MP game. I played PA the first time round. I have played the single player through but can't log in on the MP game.


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Oct 21, 2010
Well, I had the server box restarted the night before the Clans REunion. The rcon unfortunately still did not respond to any commands or acknowledge anyhing with "bad password" ect. However, the event and turn out was spectacular and didnt end up really needing the Rcon anyway. Amazingly filled a 30 slot server for pretty much all of sunday. I was quite amazed to say the least.

I just wanted to thank everybody for the help and assistance on trying to get this matter fixed. Many Thanks m8s!!



Sep 22, 2003
St Louis
Sorry we couldn't help you resolve it but am glad to hear the reunion went well. Always fun to jump on a server with a bunch of friends! :D
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