Ravaged Server Released


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Dec 5, 2007
Canberra, AU
Some may have missed the release of Ravaged last week, but never fear, here we are 1 week on with the release of both patch 1.1 AND the promised Dedicated Server Files.

Patch 1.1 includes the follwing.

  1. Added Liberty level to demo client (demo now has 2 levels: "CTR" Canyon and "Thrust" Liberty.)
  2. Extended spawn camp protection in main bases.
    • In your main base you get 15 seconds of invincible mode" even when firing, but deactivates when you leave the base.
    • No protection when main base is final target for opposing team in thrust game mode.
  3. Balanced vehicle weapon ranges.
  4. Weapon balance tweaks for: harpoon, crossbow, rocket truck artillery.
  5. Adjusted minimum votes for kicking.
  6. "Quick Match" feature added for joining best server.
  7. Moved "Spectate" button to avoid accidental presses.
  8. Fixed highlighting of selected weapon in spawn menu.
  9. Finalized Dedicated Server Build: going live today for everyone via Steam!
  10. Added filter options in server browser (official servers / hide demo servers.)
  11. Server Browser improvements.
  12. Performance optimizations.

The Server Files are now live on Steam, and available thru HLDS and the Steam COMMAND tool as well.

Steam App ID is 223160

Of course as Courgette posted, B3 Bot support is also working. :salute:
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