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Jul 1, 2010

PsyberGaming LLC. Early Summer Sale!

News and Features

  • Low Cost Homefront servers as a TRUSTED RANKED GSP for THQ
  • Supporting the latest Minecraft servers with 1-STEP BUKKIT MOD INSTALL
  • Instant setup with ALL GAME SERVER ORDERS!
  • 1 step mod install with most other popular mods, if we don't have it we will set it up for FREE!
  • Superior support with Game Server Techs that are experienced and ready to go

1st off, feel free to use the coupon "PSYBERFTW" to receive 15% off recurring on your order! Applies to most game servers!

Call of Duty 4
$0.99 a slot
($0.85 cents a slot with psybeftw coupon)

Order Now!

$0.99 a slot
($0.85 cents a slot with psybeftw coupon)

Order Now!

We have plenty of other game servers as well, check them all out here

Minecraft Servers

  • Full FTP Access, Full Access to, full access to mod setup, no delay in installation times
  • 512 MB for $15 USD
  • 1 GB for $25 USD
  • 2 GB for $50 USD
  • 4 GB for $100 USD
  • These prices do not reflect the 15% discount

Available Locations: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York

Order Now!

Please Note

  • Coupon "psyberftw" excludes any voice server, game server PACKAGE, and dedicated server deals
  • We are one of many premier game server providers that offer low prices for quality game servers because we don't overstack we buy new servers
  • Our support is second to none, we resolve issues with the first response. Don't go believe other providers which don't have the competency to handle your server issues.

How are your prices so low?

  • We own and operate all of our own equipment
  • Each node is generally a Dual Harpertown server with a minimum of 8gb of RAM
  • We colocate our boxes at premium datacenters with our own cabinets

Still Not Convinced?
Read our review @ GSPRating
We offer a 3 Day Money Back Guarantee with ANY game server
We provide help and support with any 3rd party addon, map, etc.

Switching from another provider?

Contact us at with your invoice and we will provide you with a 50% off recurring (Not applicable to Minecraft as our prices are low enough as it is)

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