[Preview] Pezbot for Demon mod COD4

Nov 25, 2008
I have spent the last week porting PezBot to my Demon mod. I managed to get the 20 odd animation weapons normally required for it down to 6 and now its almost finished. I spent a long time optimising the code, as there was a lot of extraneous crap which was obviously left over from when Pez was first developing it, and it makes the mod run much better with less lag.

My Tweaks and Additions:

1. The bots now have proper classes, with an assortment of perks.
2. The bot weapons now have random camouflage.
3. The bots do Last Stand.
4. The bots throw flash grenades.
5. The bots play Capture the Flag gametype.
6. The bots play Demolition gametype.
7. The bots play Retrieval gametype.
8. The bots freeze for match delay and end round.
9. The bots now stow weapons successfully on their backs.
10. The bots play all killstreaks, including counter UAV and care packages.

Here is the first round of Capture the Flag with bots playing:

For anyone wishing to play a mod, but fear an empty server, Pezbots is great. You do of course have to run with Punkbuster off, but with the cheaters looking elsewhere these days for their kicks, an older game like COD4 doesn't really attract them any more.


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Aug 30, 2004
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WoW! that is an AMAZING piece of work, Tally - i'ma gonna get it and run it locally then rent a server. Thanks for the work and the result, never ending wonder your work is.
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