[Preview] Counter UAV and Carepacks for Forth Coming Release

Nov 25, 2008
Here are a couple of preview XFire videos of 2 new features for the forth coming release of Demon mod 1.6:

Counter UAV:


The carepacks are solid. I got round the problem of too many spawn entities that my mate Demonseed had encountered, so they now have collision. The contents of the packs are done on a percentage basis - with the lowest percentage chance for the really big killstreaks.

As for the Counter UAV, the technology to do this is achieved by assets borrowed from MW (menu files). The COD4 Asset Manager doesn't have the necessary .GDT file to produce the overlay_grain materials (i.e. IW didn't provide it for COD4), and this is from MW2 as well, so I can make my own grain effect materials now. I may release this to the community later (if I feel in a sharing mood, which I don't often these days).

I plan to release Demon Mod 1.6 at the weekend (all things being well), with many fixes, improvements and other new features.
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