Sep 22, 2003
St Louis
I figured a thread on server patches would be pretty useful. Since pgpdude made such a great post, I thought I would start there. Please keep this to server patches for fixing cheats and crashes, not mods for different game play styles.

Hi Billy

hals modifications are hosted on filefront these are always a good starting point.;4575271;/fileinfo.html;4274826;/fileinfo.html;4274800;/fileinfo.html;4274792;/fileinfo.html;4274779;/fileinfo.html

as in a discussion with lamron and dash in one of the forums most of the antishark fixes are based on the mike_legs script by changing the mod to use the mike_torso script it prevents a delay in crouching which occurs if modding using the mike_legs.

movetype legs


safeholster 0 // pull weapon back out if we put it away to get on the ladder
jumpxy -70 0 150

forcelegsstate FALL // shark fix

STAND2 : default

ive incorperated this into a pk3 for spearhead which i can forward on if you dont want to change it yourself.

also another excelent site to have a look at for downloads is invisble warriors web site

this has some very interesting downloads esp server crash fixes (done by blackbart who created ci)

the following is a link to hex workshop which can hexedit dll or exes etc cant find hals tutorial at the min basically always back up the file before editing just incase it has a error after editing and use hex workshop to edit out any unwanted commands.

not sure if these are the most uptodate but it should be a good starting point. would be usefull to have a list of the most uptodate patches

hope this is of some help.

if theres any specific issues post them and ill reply if i know of any fixes

regards Dude
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