Patch 1.09 and Mod support


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Oct 20, 2004
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Patch 1.09 enables mod support today. this means you can already run mods with uncompiled GSC files from mods/your_mod right now. Didnt get a chance to see if /devmap or /noclip are back - this would go in favor of mapping tools if they are. Mods load in Private server that i can confirm.

Checked Gameservers BO server (ranked though) but no ftp access as of yet ...still getting "FTP Access - Ftp is disabled on ranked games. " - can someone with unranked server check if FTP access is now enabled?

Here's what GS have to say about FTP access this morning:


FTP access will be given when and if Treyarch gives us the go ahead. They have not yet done so.

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