New Server/WebAdmin Features in v1.065


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Sep 29, 2004
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New Server/WebAdmin Features in v1.065

New Server Features:

Max Team Difference Setting
INI Setting: MaxTeamDifference under ROEngine.ROTeamGame
Command Line: MaxTeamDifference
WebAdmin Location: Defaults->Rules
Values: 1 - 32
Description: This is the maximum allowed difference between teams when players join a server. So, if it is set to 1, then players joining a server that's currently 5 players vs 4 players will get forced to the team with 4 players. If the same scenario happened with it set to 2, then the player would still have his/her choice of which team to join.

Force Team Balance on Death Option
INI Setting: bAutoBalanceTeamsOnDeath under ROEngine.ROTeamGame
Command Line: AutoBalanceTeamsOnDeath
WebAdmin Location: Defaults->Rules
Values: true or false
Description: If turned on, this feature will force players to join the other team when they die if teams are off-balanced by more than the MaxTeamDifference setting. More specifically, this setting will force the players with the lowest scores to switch teams upon their next death(often the last players that joined).

Overridable Max Players Setting
INI Setting: MaxPlayersOverride under ROEngine.ROTeamGame
Command Line: MaxPlayersOverride
WebAdmin Location: Defaults->Server
Values: 1 - MaxPlayers
Description: This allows the Max Players to be overriden to a value less than the current Max Players setting. This allows for proper reinforcement scaling to take place as well as limit the number of players that are allowed to connect. This is most useful for matches that require a MaxPlayers setting lower than the current MaxPlayers setting on servers where players do not have access to changing the MaxPlayers setting.

Forgive FF Kill System Option
INI Setting: bForgiveFFKillsEnabled under ROEngine.ROTeamGame
Command Line: ForgiveFFKillsEnabled
WebAdmin Location: Defaults->Server
Values: true or false
Description: If enabled, the Forgive Friendly Fire Kill System allows players who got killed by another player innocently to say "np" or "forgive" in order to remove the Team Kill from the killer's record. This should allow you guys to turn FFKill limits lower and not kick innocent players. Keep in mind that one nade kill could take out 2-3 team mates easily, while still taking out a few enemies, which may not be the person that you want kicked/banned from your server.

Show IP and Time/Date on Client Scoreboard
INI Setting: bShowServerIPOnScoreboard and bShowTimeOnScoreboard under ROEngine.ROTeamGame
Command Line: ShowServerIPOnScoreboard and ShowTimeOnScoreboard
WebAdmin Location: Defaults->Server
Description: This is a server-side only option that shows the current IP of the server to which the client is connected and/or the current time and date so that screen shotted scoreboards can be tracked and considered "more official".

Silent Admin Login
Command: AdminLoginSilent [AdminName] AdminPassword
Description: By performing an AdminLoginSilent instead of the regular AdminLogin, you will be able to switch maps and/or Kick/Ban someone without anyone on the server knowing that you are an Admin. To all other players, it appears as though WebAdmin has performed any Admin actions.

Mouse Movement and Shooting Stop Idle Kick Timer
Description: This addition should allow the Idle Kick Time to be used again, because it will allow deployed weapons to stay in place indefinitely as long as they are looking around/firing.

New Web Admin Features:

Per Map Round and Win Limit Settings
Location: Defaults->Maps
Description: You will see a few new additions to the right of the "Maps In Cycle" list. If you select a map or some maps from the list, you will see their current Round/Win Limit overrides in the text boxes to the right. You can then change these settings by entering a new value into one or both of these text boxes and clicking the "Update" button below them. You MUST click Update before selecting more/less/different maps or the new values will not be saved. NOTE: JavaScript must be enabled on your browser for selecting maps to show their current Round/Win Limit settings. If JavaScript is not enabled, you will not see changes that are made, but they will still take effect as normal.

Add bans by ROID(not just IP)
Location: Defaults->Access Policies
Description: You can now add "New" bans by ROID instead of IP Masks. NOTE: This system has replaced adding bans by IP Mask, but we are looking into a way to support both. Look for this in a future update.

Session Ban from WebAdmin
Location: Current->Player List
Description: A new column has been added, which is titled "Session". By selecting the check box under this heading, you can perform a session ban on players in the same way that you have always been able to Kick/Ban them.

Friendly Fire Kill and Damage Limits
Location: Defaults->Rules
Description: Admins are now able to set FFKillLimit and FFDamageLimit.

Friendly Fire Kill Count Added To Scoreboard
Location: Defaults->Current Game and Defaults->Player List
Description: The Team Kills(FFKills) are now visible on both scoreboards.

Reset Game from WebAdmin
Location: Bottom of Current's Navigation List(The links on the left side)
Description: The ResetGame command can now be performed by a single click in Web Admin instead of only being able to be performed from the console by logging in and issueing an "admin resetgame" command.
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