New Counter strike source servers Thinking-man


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May 25, 2011
My name is SSGPinhead I am a member on thinking-man. Here is a little about thinking-man.

Thinking Man was created to provide a unique, high quality gaming environment without the negative elements of profanity, porn sprays, hackers, rude players and immature administrators. Clan members own, operate, and develop the game servers and websites. Clan members are very diligent in monitoring and managing the game environment and will address inappropriate behavior so all players can enjoy the game.

Keep in mind we play all different games!!! Bad company 2, portal2, CSS. CS 1.6, day of deafeat source, mindcraft, and many more.

Stop by our website at anytime @


We have a 24/7 Office/dust2/Italy Server it was just office but we had requests to add maps so we did!!!!

We also have a 24/7 Gungame server all different maps great fun for everyone.

We also have a teamspeak please see one of our admins on our website for details.
We are ALSO recruiting new members

If you have any questions send a pm or respond here.

Thanks all and have fun gaming hope you see you in there
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