new COD:UOep1.51b (AND COD 'classic' 1.5b) servers coming soon!!

Jul 25, 2011
Virginia USA
like the title says they're coming

I'm a 20-year-old IT student studying virtualization (amongst other things) whom grew up pn the original cod franchise & still believes 't's 1 of the best fps ever!! I used to host from home for my clan but by the time I "got it down" we'd moved on to newer games, changed names, had a radically different meember base & then disbanded lol.

this time I'm going to put my IT skills to good use & set it all up "the right way, from the ground up" still from home but with slightly higher expectations for performance . . . complexity & coolness of configurations . . . customization without mods (...but probably with a lot of custom maps eventually) . . . 32-64 count for some configurations (instead of the measely dozen or so I used to force to work & pretend it never lagged) . . . full remoting & fully customized PunkBuster etc.

anyways let me know if yal have any questions or especially suggestions on how I can help keep this great game alive for this second decade of our 21st century
Jul 25, 2011
Virginia USA
I'm now in the final testing phases!!

after survivvng jaw surgery, a much tougher than expected year of college, busier-than-usual and less-profitable-than-hoped business cycle I'm back to gameservers and related things as my current semester is ending (try all of the ports as I'm testing multiple simultaneously and havn't determined the best port forwarding conventions as yet, right now 28965 is classical and 28961 is UO)
Jul 25, 2011
Virginia USA
so I'm getting down to the wire and would greatly appreciate suggestions of what needs to be brought back

I won't use (...or in the case of rented servers, allow) mods requiring client download though I've tested a plethora of custom maps to meet our high standards such as;
- Telemark UO (classic available)
- Peaks
- Hurtgen UO
- Streets
- Carentan UO
- Dawnville UO
- POWCamp UO
- Harbor UO
- Depot UO
- Brecourt Winter CTF
- Ship CTF
- Rocket CTF
- Pavlov CTF
- TigerTown CTF
- Neuville CTF
- Chateau CTF
- GlassAttack (classic or uo; GlassSky also being considered)
many others being evaluated

however several server-sided-only mods are going to be 'standard' such as GRUM (Gear Rank Uniform Mod) which randomizes outfits and equipment appropriate for the map environment and primary weapon selected as well as multiplater battlerank acheived using single player models and mixing and matching pre-existing multiplayers in a modular fashion; AD (Attack Defend) DOMination gametype mod which will work on any stock or custom map supporting Dom and turns it into an order-of-operations Allied invasion &and& flak and vehicle ammunition and hitpoint limitations

for UO there will be a heavy emphasis overall on all BASe ASSault maps, all AttAckDefenD maps, most Retrieval maps and Behind Enemy Lines too (...and CapTure The Flag due to the number of CTF-only maps of high quality)
TeamDeathMatch or DeathMatch won't be played more than once per map in a rotation if even included (though there will be some voting capability on some maps) and SearchDestroy will focus heavily on UO-only or vehicle-including maps

for the original Call of Duty classic the name of the game for every map is REBELlion, REtRiEval and BEhind EnEmy Lines that is :) of course there will be minimal inclusion of TDM or DM and SearchDestroy will be somewhere in the middle

so what else do we need to bring back..?

no-tanks BAS?
explosives only..?
British Empire..?
cold war?

give me ideas, come to the server & keep the game alive!
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