Need help. Messages not saving and run time 75 error


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Jan 3, 2004
I am running delator 3.01 alpha

When I type the messages I want displayed I set them to periodical.

I do all my settings then click build mod.

I get the following error. Run Time 75.

Yes, I have followed the advice and unchecked the read only attribute and applied it.

Upon opening ModDelator again all my changes have not been saved. In fact none of them have and its getting awful tiring entering eveything again and again as I have several messages.

One time I did manage to get it to build a zzzzz file which I did upload to my server then restart my server.

It is catching cheats. But, the landshark feature is not working, neither is the messages which are not being saved.

Is the zzzzzz file the only file I am supposed to upload to my server? I have read the help manual that came with the delator 3.01 download and that is the only thing to upload that it mentions.

Lettle help here please.

Thank You.
May 4, 2004
fix found!



after (many) hours of testing, I've found the way to prevent the run time 75 error......

Well, it works for me anyway....

uninstall delator.

Reinstall delator.

Run delator, and press "build mod" (dont bother setting anything) - you will lose it all anway

now look in windows explorer at your "delator 3.0" folder - you will have a subdirectory called "global" - higlight the four files within this folder - "delator.sc1", "DMprecache.scr", "" and "" - right click, choose Properties, then in the General tab, un-check the "Read Only" box.

Press Apply, then close the Properties box by pressing OK.

Now run Delator again, make your messages/settings. Press build mod.

A new folder opens up, with your zzzzz-delator.pk3 in it!!

at long last

to sum up - the "global" folder needs to be created first, then make the contents non-read only, then re-run delator, your pk3 appears in a new folder.

Hope this helps

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