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Dec 23, 2011
Hi There

I am working on a server control tool. I am pretty far, at least far enough to show some of the result. I have a test server running with the tool controling the server. Please have a look and give some idears for further development.
I have also written a small PHP client for the tool moving control to a webbrowser e.g. the ingame Steam browser.

Server name Kazoas Test Server
See and control the server here

I have attached a image of the server tool as well (I know it looks messy, cleanup is coming...)

Looking forward to some comments

Regards Kazoa


Nov 8, 2008
Looks great! This is a much needed tool for our dedicated. If you need any help testing, just let us know and keep up the great work!

I couldn't locate the test server. TDM or FFA?
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