Microsoft Considered Crytek Acquisition


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Oct 28, 2010
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From and Official XBOX 360 Magazine link below
Microsoft at one point was considering attempting to acquire Crytek and make the German developer a first-party developer, reports Official Xbox 360 Magazine. Microsoft's partnership with Crytek to develop Xbox 360 exclusive Ryse represents the "perfect marriage" of the manufacturer's Kinect strategy and the developer's creative aspirations, according to corporate vice-president Phil Spencer.

Microsoft considered bringing Crytek on board as a first party studio a few years ago, Spencer explained, but felt Crytek projects of the time were too close in style and subject matter to certain other Xbox 360 titles.

"I do think it's about quality," he commented when asked how he felt about Microsoft's hardcore software slate.

"And the relationship with Crytek is a perfect example. The first time we met with [Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli] and the team was around seven or eight years ago, and we started talking about what it'd mean for them to become first party,"
says MS vice president Phil Spencer. "And it was a process of what do you guys want to do, what's unique for us, and they were just going to do Crysis, and they'd just come out of Far Cry, and we said we've probably got enough military future shooters, so go do that."
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