Looking for rcon tool to your server ????


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Jan 11, 2009
The Danish gaming provider eSportServers is already providing MW3 server WebRcon interface in Denmark,
and is expanding to include more countries, depending on the demand.

eSportServers.eu going live outside Denmark (Start with Servers in Frankfurt) in 7 days with a new website, in this context, we can already announce that we will offer MW3 with WebRcon from around 1 euro per. slots.

WebRcon Alpha testdemo is available at


Username: admin
Password: test2012

servername on server list is "eSportServers.eu - with WebRcon"

easy to use login before start playing, and use Steam Browser to TAB into WebRcon inside Steam.

For further info/sales contact info@esportservers.eu

And big thanks to Kazoa for his help to make this happening
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