linux server or windows based server...??


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Dec 3, 2008

Im planning on renting a mohaa game server. I need to have the server run something similar to Crow King's auto kick program. I know that if the server is windows based then I can install crow king's auto kick on the server, correct me if im wrong though. I do not know of any simillar programs for linux servers, although I have come accross a linux based server that autokicks without any admins present in the server. The server name is Trashdog Afterhours. It is linux server yet they are able to run crow king's auto kick on there. how are they doing it? should i rent a windows server or linux server. I want a utility to kick when Im not on the server. thanks for the help. I have heard of serverwatch for linux servers but will linux based game server companies install serverwatch (server) onto my linxu game server?
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Sep 22, 2003
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Foresight is an admin game mod - not a separate executable. It will work on Linux fine, and has anti-cheat and other advantages as well. Most of the anti-cheat admin mods include low ping kick options, etc.

I would go ahead and contact different hosting providers to see what they offer. Some may offer a package. Even if they don't, the nature of their reply may give you an insight into the quality of their support.
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