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Dead GreenHorn

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Dec 10, 2005
Hi im dead Greenhorn for those who dont know me. Any way this thread actually is about BF 1942! sorry for the inconvienence. any way i just noticed that there is only one battle that the canadians are involved!!! Surly the canadians deserve a little bit more than the liberation of Cean! I was thinking if any one knows the email adress is for the creators of BF 1942 is cuz i just wanted to well in my head its simple but to describe it is dificult. but anyway i would wish for them to create another mod! yes yes im asking for a little much but im gettin board playing as a "Glorios" American. There was one battle that i would love to be in the mod i am requesting. It is the battle for Hong Kong. One of the most fought off defence made by the canadians them selfes. the rest of the battles i dont give a s***, just as long as the canadians or involed! By the way? wasint it the canadians who liberated the southern half of Holland??!!
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