It's been a great ride - Thank you everyone


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Oct 23, 2002
What was born from helping admin their forums as well as setting run a dedicated server for their forums. I created back in 2002 and then the following year I created a separate site called Soon after trying to run two separate sites at the same time, we merged into what has been known, for close to 20 years as

With the lack of any real dedicated server bits from the major game developers we've seen our traffic slow over the years and to be honest I've held off closing the site for a few years because I'm now old and hard headed. As of today March 26th 2020, I've decided to put the site in archived mode as read only. I'll try and keep the site up like this for as long as I can. - This has been a very hard decision

With that said I would like to thank the community and all the friends I've made over the years. To all the past and current moderators I thank you for your help around the site and community. Would like to shout out to PenDragon as sticking around with posting news and helping around the site when possible.

To the other sites,, themodtheater, planetmedalofhonor, Raiders it's been a pleasure! Anyone wanting to keep in touch I can be reached via twitter - TheRealRudedog and via GMAIL as rudedog@. On many gaming and non gaming sites I go by Rudedog, Rudedog1968 or TheRealRudedog. I can still be found playing BF5 and a few other WWII based games.

Signing off and thank you!! salute.gif
-Jim (AKA Not so Rude - Rudedog)



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May 9, 2006
St.Austell Cornwall, UK
It's been coming for some time, There are a handful of games that are old school enough need an admin. Thing is the company do such a good job the need for a community to get together and help each other and fizzled out. A lot of what used to happen here now is on Reddit. Many of the smaller devs you can just jump on their discord and chat to them directly. EA and the like, the ones that never did communicate, the very reason for this site make their games in a way where we couldn't help even if we wanted to.

So long and thank for all the fish...
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