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FPSadmin -Crew-
Sep 9, 2004
I'm still looking to see if a "message center" such as rudedogg's or something of that nature can be done for MOHPA, but until then we are using PunkBuster to run server messages via console.

How you say? Simple, add the following lines to your pbsv.cfg file located in your PB directory.

//PB Tasks
pb_sv_task 30 360 "say Your message here"
pb_sv_task 15 180 "say Another message here"

The Task will be executed X seconds after entry and every Y seconds thereafter, whereas the first number is the X variable and the second is the Y


I have been working on something for about 1.5 weeks and have ran into several road blocks working with MOHPA, EA has been very helpful getting us info on their new scripting.

Now with the play testing of the patch, work and real life this project is taking longer then I like, hey it's not rocket science but I have not coded in many many years.

If I can't get something basic like my old MC, I will release a watered down version by this weekend. It would be very simple pk3 file where you could add your own text manually to the pk3 file and it will show up on screen, the only problem, the text might be a little intrusive, I need everyones input on that.

More info to follow.
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