IDEA/CHANGE for awesomeness


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Jun 14, 2012
Baden, AT
Why is there no 2nd level in all maps.
1. Seine Crossing: Streets and canalizations
2. GrandBaazar: Sreets + Underground Basements of houses + canalizations
3. Operation Metro: Metro + City above

I mean think about this. On huge maps it would again make sence to play Infantry, because you could hide effectivly from vehicles in some kind of underground ways and sneek to the enemies boarders/flags. Vehicle warfare above, infantry fights under the ground. COMBINING BOTH ASSPECTS satisfying all kinds of playstyles.

Think about SeineCrossing if you could use some kind of canalizations to get below seine river to cross to the other side.
There would also be more options to get out of the Base, which means less baserape.

I mean if that Frostbite-Engine is that awesome as they say, why is something like this not possible?

THIS would have been something COMPLETELY NEW TO BF.

I can't remember seeing something like this in any other BF game or any other shooter before.
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