i have lag with 20 players


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May 9, 2006
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If it's not in a data center you are going to get lag. Home servers are notoriously bad and tricky to set up. Home internet connections are just not suitable for hosting large number game servers. It's not just about pure upload speed, your ISP does all sorts of monitoring, balancing routing and stuff that will have an affect on game lag. Because they limit each user to a fraction of the networks speed most are never aware of the extra things the ISP is doing with your signal. It's going all over the place and through transparent proxies and crap like that.

If you want to host more than a handful of your m8's for a friendly knock about rent a server from a GSP. It will be so much better and surprisingly inexpencive. Get them to include a TeamSpeak server too. Some will offer you web space and a forum, get a proper clan going...

Mostly, home server suck!
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