How bad is cheating in Battelfield V?

I've been playing FPS type games for longer than I can remember. I'm not known for calling people out as cheaters but over the past year playing both BF1 and BF5 I can't help but say cheating is BAD in both 1 and V

Rogue-9 via his youtube channel has some amazing proof and it seems Dice/EA could not be bothered to fix the Anti-Cheat

Lets not even talk about the lack of any 3rd party servers. I guess Dice/EA can't afford the dev to get that working......


doesn't matter about no RSP being available. Not without some AC in the game. So enjoy your non-gaming hobbies. Game is 2.5 months old, there may be some attempt to address the AC issue, the big 2 patches this month certainly address a lot of game issues, and I agree with the characterization that the game was released unfixed to a degree common to the last several BF titles, apart from BF 1. They took 3 years to dev that title, having been 3 years since the release of BF 4.
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Here's the problem with BF V. 9 maps, for Conquest, all servers have the same rotation. There is no team balancing of any kind. There appears to be ONE NEW MAP in March. That's it. And there is still no way to join the other team other than to click on a friend or to disconnect and reconnect - so you better look up that server # before you disconnect.

After 2.5 months, it its time to at least try the other game modes. And I have yet to find a site that shows total and peak #s of players, but I imagine that the numbers are draining steadily.
EA posted an article about AC in BF5

However the cheat community feels it doesn't do much.

Can't they add a reliable anti cheat?! like EAC / BattlEye, something that is not trash like FF....

To be honest it's really not fun to hack this game nowadays, too easy!
No there is no real client sided AC in the game. Only screenshots and pointer encryption and some return address checks.
They will probably add some simple signature scanning and call it a day. They seem to get payed for doing nothing anyways lol.
here's my problem -

How are confirmed cheaters being punished?
After the launch of Battlefield V last year, all bans for cheating in the game are now permanent. No more one-week suspensions. We can’t guarantee that cheaters won’t come back using new accounts, though. Players will be banned as soon as we reliably detect them and will be removed from the active game if need be.

Thanks, Maydax
My lot are getting pissed off with BFV just as they did with BFOnelast time. At least this one didn't cost as much. Sunday night is clan night when we all get together. I think we are going to be looking at Apex Legends to see if it's any good. At least it is free.
The lack of premium maps - one new map in March - is super frustrating. Current rotation is 3 good maps insterspersed with 3 bad maps and 3 so-so maps, but Hamada and Fjell follow one another - while our group can keep busy with fooling around - mining the airstrip at G flag!! - Fjell is nothing but a boneyard for snipers and bombers/planes.

Ohmygoodness! Apex Legends is the latest iteration of Quake. Footsoldiers, not jump fly soldiers for our group. Pass. GL with that, Pen.
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