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Aug 9, 2010
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THQ announced today that its game Homefront has sold 1 million units since and has shipped 2.4 million to retail. While the company did not divulge specific platform numbers, the news is no doubt a relief to the company and to the NYC-based Kaos studio that developed it. Of course, that million in sales is from several regions including North America, Europe and Asia. It also did not hurt that Homefront was the top selling game in the UK last week, according to Chart Track.
"We are very pleased with strong worldwide shipments and sell-through for Homefront, and we continue to fulfill new retail orders for the game across the globe," said THQ president and CEO, Brian Farrell, in the announcement.
Hopefully this news will keep Kaos Studio open for awhile longer - THQ had hinted that it might consolidate its NY studio with its studio in Canada.
Source: Joystiq


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Feb 7, 2009
2 months later...

Nice...corporate greed at its finest. Effective media hype, studio produced propaganda, and words like "we care about our community" made it so easy to sell substandard wares. Where has the truth in advertising gone? How do you feel knowing that all those copies were sold and the discontent is so incredibly high? All those copies sold and only roughly 300 people are noticed in my browser playing the game on 5/25/2011 at 12:40 pm (PST). I went online today to see 23 Homefront servers online with pings from 70 to 400. Wheres the millions of players who bought the game? We have lost the things that made America great. Unethical business practices are the norm now. Gone are the days of consumer advocates. Today its buyer be ware. You have had an epic failure to prove your words KAOS. But hey, just hype another title and grab millions more from the lambs who will listen.
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