Homefront patch 1.04


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Oct 30, 2008
Geelong Australia
LOL KAOS it didnt work for me, and i even reinstalled the game but while i was changeing read only, the stupid steam auto patching game.
All i need now is a steam vac ban for altering ini files.
Oh and it didnt work for me either.
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Sep 29, 2004
For Windows 7:

Users/yourcomputer/My Documents/My Games/HOMEFRONT/GCGame/Config

Right click on GCEngine.ini select properties then click on Read-only to remove then click on apply.
Hi Buster

I had no probs finding it..Problem was none of my files were set to read only to begin with..

Non the less I gave them full control permissions and the fix simply did not do anything..

The thing is, this is much more widespread than just me or you having a few problems..

It seems the majority are having this problem since the patch..ergo..the patch has caused this..
In my opinion this is something Kaos/DE should be fixing and not their customers..
Jan 29, 2011
Some servers are not being advertised due to old *engine.ini data contained in a server profile directory. There is a fix in the latest .exe (available if you update via via hldsupdatetool).

Hopefully that should resolve any remaining issues for those servers not listed in the browser, but please PM be with your server setup details (include your email address) if you are still having problems and we'll help.


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May 27, 2011
How to??

So dumb question but with these

New Server Options:
- Increase Weapon Damage
- Increases weapon damage for head and torso shots with all weapons.
- Increased Weapon Recoil
- 15% recoil increase across all weapons.
- Reduce UI Elements Shown
- Disables UI elements such as ammo count for all players.
- Only Squad Members on Map
- This restricts the player position information shown on the mini-map to only include squad members and players that have been spotted.
- Only Show Ally Names
- Player nameplates for enemies will not show up.
- Require Manual Weapon Reload
- Disables auto-reload for all players on the server.
- Disable Death Follow Cam
- Disables the follow cam that is ordinarily shown when players die.
- Force First Person Cockpits
- Third person view is not permitted for drones or vehicles when this option is enabled.
- Reduce Ability Effectiveness
- Limited duration for thermal goggles and personal UAV.
- Force Ace Helicopters
- Enforces ace as the difficulty setting for all helicopters.
- NOTE: To disable specials and vehicles, scale the battlepoint earnings to 0% and set the initial BP to 0

to enable in a config do I put




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Nov 28, 2006
any one getting complaints, about machineguns not effective at long range any more.
I have had some complaints like that on my server at times. But I actually get more complaints that the hit boxes seem to have changed. I have even had it where my cross hair is dead on a person and I can not seem to hit them. I think it could also be a distance thing.

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