HL2 Master Servers Moved


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Nov 27, 2007
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Just noticed this on the Valve mailing list.

On Wednesday April 14th we will be moving the HL2Master servers to a new set of IP addresses. One of the major new features is the new Masters should return dedicated servers ordered by their geographical distance from the player requesting the server list, making for lower latency and better connections.

Dedicated server operators will generally have to restart their dedicated servers after this move to ensure they will correctly pick up the new addresses of the these Masters. The server browser in the Steam client and in games such as Team Fortress 2 will automatically move to the new Masters.

Server operators that manually set their master servers (we recommend against this practice however) please use "hl2master.steampowered.com" to refer to them instead of the IPs directly. This name returns all Master addresses.

We will update once the move is complete.
The new HL2Masters are now online. Dedicated server operators will want to restart their servers to pick up the new Master IP addresses. If you have any manual setmaster configuration commands, please remove them as those older addresses are no longer valid.

We will be monitoring the transition closely today. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please feel free to email me or post here.
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