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Jun 22, 2005
Hey guys,
Checked out all your guides and found the map names and rcon codes

I am having trouble finding some of them though, for example the Bazaar map and things, and liberation maps and capture teh flag maps etc...,

ALSO how do i add voting options, like allowing weapons and things,



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Oct 23, 2002
for any custom maps or stock maps, use winrar to open the pk3 file. follow the dir (folders) to the MP section . There you will see the bsp name. This is the map name to use in your rotation.

you need to set the dmflags in your cgf file, for voting and weapons. I don't remember them off the top of my head, but there should be a doc in the guides section which lists all the dm flags for SH

good luck
Feb 2, 2004
Here's a message i sent to a customer, that will probably be helpful to all having issues loading custom maps. I've been meaning to put links in here for a post on these forums, but never seem to get around to it. So here it is...

First off, you don't want the file in both the "main" and "uo" folders. Just leave it in "uo." I've yet to load a UO map that needed a copy of the map file in "main."

The name of the map is "the_bridge" so in your rotation you want to add "map the_bridge". To find out the name of the map you can use a program called Pakscape to open the map files.

You can also use Winzip. Inside every map file there's a folder called "maps" then "mp". In the "mp" folder there will be atleast one .bsp file. That file name is the same as the name of the map (less the .bsp). So if you open the_bridge.pk3 with Pakscape and browse into "maps" and then "mp" you will see a file named "the_bridge.bsp". Just subtract the .bsp and use what you see in the map rotation.

I see you've also got "mp_uo_merville_final.pk3" loaded up. Using the same procedure you will find "mp_uo_merville_final.bsp" as the filename. Just remove the ".bsp" part and use "mp_uo_merville_final" in your map rotation.

So here's your new map rotation adding both of the above maps:
set sv_mapRotation "map the_bridge map mp_uo_merville_final"

A few notes:
- Not all maps support all game types. TDM is almost always supported.
- The map rotation needs to be a single line with no carriage returns in it.
- Some maps have multiple .bsp files. Usually those maps have a day and night version, or winter and summer, etc. In those cases, pick the one you want to run, or run them both.


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Dec 30, 2005
ive followed what you said but i cant seem to it get working every time i restart the server with the custom maps cfg it dissapears from the browser list.
this is my cfg not sure were im going wrong
// Breakthrough Config

// Server Name
// Name that will appear on the server browser
sv_hostname " ::

set rconPassword "xxxxxx"

// Game Type
// 1 Free for All
// 2 Team Based
// 3 Round Based
// 4 Objective
// 5 Tug Of War
// 6 Liberation
set g_gametype 4

// Health Drop
// When enabled players will drop a health pack when killed
set g_healthdrop 1

// Realism
// Toggles reaslistic mode
set g_realismmode 0

// Fast Run Speed
// When checked, the speed at which players can run through levels is
// increased.

// Leaving it unchecked defaults to Medal of Honor Allied Assault's original run speed
set sv_dmspeedmult 1.100000

// Team Damage
// Toggles friendly fire
set g_teamdamage 1

// Heal Rate
// Determines how fast players heal when they use a health pickup
set g_healrate 10

// Max Players
set sv_maxclients 20

// Time Limit
// This sets the elapsed time at which the game ends, the winner being the player with the highest score at that time.
timelimit 10

// Frag Limit
// The score at which the player or team will win the current map.
fraglimit 100

// Map Rotation Time
// This sets the maximum amount of time in minutes players will spend in a particular map.
maprotationtime 30

// Team Spawn Delay
// This sets a delay in seconds between spawns. This is useful if you would like the
// player spawned in batches, rather than one at a time
set sv_team_spawn_interval 15

// Round Reset Time
// This sets how long each round will take, in minutes. This can be smaller than the map rotation time, but not larger.
roundlimit 0

// Inactive Spectate
// This sets the time in seconds after which an inactive player becomes a spectator. To save server bandwidth, 60 seconds is default.
set g_inactivespectate 60

// Inactive Kick
// This sets the time in seconds after which an inactive player is kicked out of the game. 900 (15 minutes) seconds is default.
set g_inactivekick 900

// Use Gamespy
// To use GameSpy gaming service for internet-based multiplayer games.
// If this is 0, players will not be able to see your server via the in-game browser nor gamespy arcade.
set sv_gamespy 1

// Pure
// Verifies that the files on the client are the same as those on the server.
set sv_pure 0

// Allow Vote
// Enables players to call a vote.
set g_allowvote 0

// Flood Protect
// Limits amount of text a player can type
set sv_floodprotect 1

// Forces players to only be able to spectate behind their own team.
set g_forceteamspectate 1

// dmflags -- flags that can be set in the dmflags variable.
// DF_NO_HEALTH (1 << 0) 1
// DF_NO_POWERUPS (1 << 1) 2
// DF_WEAPONS_STAY (1 << 2) 4
// DF_NO_FALLING (1 << 3) 8
// DF_INSTANT_ITEMS (1 << 4) 16
// DF_SAME_LEVEL (1 << 5) 32
// DF_NO_ARMOR (1 << 11) 2048
// DF_INFINITE_AMMO (1 << 14) 16384
// DF_NO_FOOTSTEPS (1 << 17) 131072
// DF_ALLOW_LEAN (1 << 18) 262144
// DF_OLD_SNIPERRIFLE (1 << 19) 524288
// DF_GERMAN_SHOTGUN (1 << 20) 1048576
//rifle (1 << 22) 4194304
//sniper (1 << 23) 8388608
//smg (1 << 24) 16777216
//mg (1 << 25) 33554432
//rocket (1 << 26) 67108864
//shotgun (1 << 27) 134217728
//landmine (1 << 2)
set dmflags 251920392

// Invulnerable Time
// Amount of time (in seconds) a player is invulnerable for after spawning (default=3 seconds)
set sv_invulnerabletime 3

// Team Kill Warning
// Amount of team kills before the player is warned
set g_teamkillwarn 3

// Team Kill Kick
// Amount of team kills before the player is kicked off the server.
set g_teamkillkick 5

// Team Switch Delay
// Frequency at which you can switch teams
set g_teamswitchdelay 15

// Allow Join Time
set g_allowjointime 30

// Private Clients
// Clients that require a password to join
set sv_privateclients 0

// Password
// Allows you to set a password for the server
set sv_privatepassword ""

// Keywords
// Keywords which allow browsers to filter servers.
set sv_keywords ""

// Net Port
set net_port 12203

// Minimum Ping to allow clients to join with. 0 means anyone
set sv_minping 0

// Maximum Ping to allow clients to join with. 0 means anyone
set sv_maxping 0

// Maximum Rate
set sv_maxrate 10000

// Map
// Starting map on the rotation
map "map obj_omaha_2_sh."

// Map Rotation List
sv_maprotation "obj_omaha_2_sh.obj_grabstatte. mp_airforce_assualt_obj."

// Default to no-sprint and original Allied Assault runspeed
sv_sprinton 0
sv_runspeed 250 // spearhead + breakthrough runspeed is 287, allied assault is 250

//Spectator Chat To All
set g_spectate_allow_full_chat 1

//Minesweeper Armed
set g_rifles_for_sweepers 1 (Breakthrough only)//:eek:


Sep 22, 2003
St Louis
You have not indicated what does or does not happen besdies failing to appear in the game list. Does the server even load the maps? I suspect it does not.

From your posting:
// Map
// Starting map on the rotation
map "map obj_omaha_2_sh."

// Map Rotation List
sv_maprotation "obj_omaha_2_sh.obj_grabstatte. mp_airforce_assualt_obj."

Here is what I see:
Mapnames shoudl not have a '.' at the end, and the map command should not include the word map in the map name.

If you want to use sv_maplist, then use a space between mapnames, and include the sub directory name just like the sample Spearhead configs do.

Try this instead:

map "obj/obj_omaha_2_sh"

sv_maplist "obj/obj_omaha_2_sh obj/obj_grabstatte obj/mp_airforce_assault_obj"


Maj Woody indicated using a sv_maprotation cvar that I am not familiar with, but I noticed he used the map command between map names, so you should probably do the same. Its possible you could set gametypes, etc doing that, but I don't recall that being a feature of Spearhead (I always used vstr nextmap type rotations in the basic MOH series). You can search the forum for vstr nextmap to see how that is done. It is more flexible but harder to set up until you figure it all out. Give those map and sv_maplist commands I show above a try. Hopefully thtat will get you up and running.
Feb 2, 2004
GaSplat said:
Maj Woody indicated using a sv_maprotation cvar that I am not familiar with
My post was in regards to CoD maps, which now, it seems was not posted in the correct forum. :X

The info about obtaining a map's name is still correct though, everything else will probably hose your MoH config :eek:


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Dec 30, 2005
Five years later and i'm still having the same problem,:D ghuess i'm just hopeless.

obj_la_patrouille_2 nothing seems to work
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Sep 22, 2003
St Louis
Well, cut and paste the config file (you can just stuff in the last portion with the map commands and rotation). Hey, it's been five years, you're entitled to ask again! :D
Sep 12, 2007
Warren, NJ
The name is the name is the name ....

If it's "dm/onebigfrigginmap.bsp" then you use "dm/onebigfrigginmap" or if it's in the obj folder it's "obj/onebigfrigginmap"

It was mentioned on TMT you were incorrectly adding "obj_" to the file name.
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