help remove mobile artillery from server


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Feb 17, 2014
Hey guys, I have had this bf4 server for a while but never got into it because it was official status. we just changed to ranked, and i am dying to make customizations (already have begun) but I am stuck on one thing. I really need a script and knowledge on how to implement where if a player hops in a mobile arty vehicle on our server they are kicked from the game. all that players do is spam, and the knockback from explosions is so op in this game lol these guys even mess up there team when they do this. i hope i do not sound like i am begging. but if anyone could help that would be incredibly appreciated.


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Aug 30, 2004
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First, go here to read up on the basic BIG limits of Procon and BF4, because you're not going to do anything but run some script that gets rid of all vehicles but transport - unless you switch to TDM, which has no vehicles at all.

Then go here for the latest BF4 rcon docs - you can read the changes and the existing vars = commands - for BF4 that can be used to setup a server the way you want it.

And 3rdly, go here and check out ProconRulz, and look at Insane Limits for ideas about doing what it is you are trying to do - kicking any player who enters the mobile AA vehicle. I don't know if it can be done, but I have a feeling that it can't, because all vehicles are seen as one kind of entity, so the server cannot tell which vehicle is to be kickable for.

You could try changing this var line in your cp to read:

vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed false

There is an infantry preset, however, you could try what this page suggests for Infantry only with Transport vehicles

good luck wid dat !
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