Google Stadia

Google finally showed off its Stadia video gaming platform at the 2019 Game Developers Conference. While there is no pricing or date set for the streaming platform’s launch, the company says it will be coming in 2019. Players will be able to quickly load games on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and Chromecasts.

This could be the "Netflix" of gaming. Looks interesting but time will tell if the hype can be believed. Also, a lot will depend on cost and how it's going to work. Are we expected to "Buy" the games or is it going to be a subscription-based system like Netflix? Time will tell but if it does become the defacto standard we are not going to need our powerful gaming PCs any more.


Yea there is a big hmmm... to this. There is so much up in the air with this. It will take over the world or do a google Plus and be canceled in a few years.
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