Gameranger+manuadmin+COD4 HELP!!


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Jan 20, 2013

my problem is that i am trying to setup a COD4 server with manu admin mod on Gameranger.

i have no problem setting everything up and running the server.

only problem is that in the "ROOM" in gameranger, I dont stand as being in the game, even tho i am in it and have set the server up.
Because gameranger doesnt show me as in game when i have set up the server, then people cant join the server and are stuck with a message "waiting for host".

Does anyone know how i can fix this problem ??

when i join other servers on gameranger, i am shown as being "ingame" and the green circle besides my name is Full green.

When i host and setup server, it shows me as not ingame, and the little green circle is NOT fully green but white in center..

I need help..

it worked for me few days ago everything worked.

but now nothing works..


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