Fuming CoD customer snaffles ModernWarfare3.co.uk URL


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Oct 28, 2010
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Had to laugh when I saw this....:p
Fuming CoD customer snaffles ModernWarfare3.co.uk URL
Prankster asks for donation due to Treyarch's "crap coding"

It's no secret that, aside from its huge success, some fans had a disappointing time with Treyarch's CoD: Black Ops on certain formats. A fair few even signed a petition.

But now one enterprising chap has gone a step further - by registering ModernWarfare3.co.uk, and using it to take a pop at Black Ops' creator.

When you visit the page, rather than a slideshow of Activision gaming treats, you're instead greeted by the following message:

"I was unlucky enough to waste my money on Black Ops on the pc!

"To this date it is still unplayable due to crap coding and design and a number of patches which made things worse!!!.

"Please feel free to make a donation if you feel sorry for me lol."

A PayPal link then shows the Hotmail email address of the perpetrator - suggesting that the stunt isn't the handywork of fierce rival EA - whilst a quick glance at the official registration details shows the site has been claimed in the name of UK individual Mark Harding.

The news comes after the discovery that ModernWarfare3.com redirects to EA's Battlefield 3 page.


Registered long before Black Ops came out, can see a case for cyber squatting here, especially since this guy is now trying to make some cash.

I can see Activision suits looking over this right now.


I was only hypothesising on the cyber squatting situation regarding the trademarked name.

On the other hand we don't have your freedom of speech laws here either and as its a UK domain I assume it was a UK citizen who registered the domain so even they wouldn't have that protection... anyway I'm rambling - it wasn't what I was originally getting at :)
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