Free BF2 game or game of your choice contest

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Oct 31, 2005

Game Server Sales:

I am running a Contest from The contest is for anyone that wants to enter.

We are looking for banners for the following: Teamspeak Server, BF2 Server, Advertising server.

Contest Rules:
You will need to submit a banner here. If your banner is voted the best for you will receive a FREE copy of BF2 or game of your choice from list below. All submitted banners will become property of United Global Logics and we reserve the right to use them as we see fit.

Software List to choose From:
Quake 4
Battlefield 1942
Battlefield Vietnam
Battlefield 2
Call Of Duty Box Set
Call Of Duty 2
Joint Operations Box Set
Half-Life 2
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead
RTCW: Enemy Territory
Soldier of Fortune II
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Unreal Tournament 2004

Employees of United Global Logics are ineligible from entering in this contest. is a NEW Game Server company that is still building their site at: So please check it out and watch for the Grand Opening.

Once again.... Here is a list of Banners is looking for:

Need a Logo
Need a Banner for the BF2 Server
Need a Banner for Advertising Game servers Size: 468x60
Need a Banner for Teamspeak Server

Submit all entries to - - - - - -

Make sure you include the following information:
Your Full Name
Your Phone Number
Your E-Mail Address
Your Mailing Address

All entries must be in by November 30, 2005



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Oct 23, 2002
Please only one thread on things like this, will close this one, anyone wanting to reply please use this thread over in the CoD2 section

Also added to front page news :salute:.

Also any GSP out there having a contest(s) or lan party please do not hesitate to post your GSP news in the submit news section. I can't post everything but contest like this are more then welcome on the front page.

Any daily GSP ad or special should go in the serve announcements section. If there is a large enough demand, I can create a GSP announcement section as well.
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