EA lays off 350

PCgamer is reporting that Electronic Arts is laying off 350 people across their marketing, publishing and ops team

Wilson said that the publisher was taking "important steps as a company to address our challenges and prepare for the opportunities ahead." Unfortunately, those changes will "impact about 350 roles", which means 350 people will be laid off. The full statement is below.​

- More info over at PCgamer



Wonder what percentage EA sports sales brings to the table.
I'd imagine EA would be sunk without it.
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considering that last July, EA stock hit a high of $148 then dropped to $75 by Dec 20, and has now rebounded to $100, dropping nearly 4% of your workforce probably feels like the right housecleaning. That new Firestorm can go suck balls, EA also publishes Apex Legends, and that's where battle-royale games should stay - out of franchise series titles.
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