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Feb 11, 2013
Our Diversity clan was created over 4 years ago. We were mainly a C&C Ra3 clan during the early years. Now we are expanding to other games mentioned below. We have over 240 members on our website and growing everyday.

Our members are very friendly and communicative, offering to help out if needed and we have over 100 new posts on our forum everyday. Sponsors are being researched, the clan now has a professional structure with mature leaders managing the clan. Obviously the main aim is for our members to have as much fun as possible, joining in with the discussions, posting topics, attending money tournaments, reading the daily news about gaming, participating in debates and videos together with voting for awards given to members etc...

Current games we are invovled in are:
C&C Red Alert 3
C&C Generals 2
Company of Heroes 1
Comapny of Heroes 2
COD Black OP 2 (preparations underway)
Dota 2 (preparations underway)
Starcraft 2 (preparations underway)

Website address: http://www.diversityclan.eu
If you are interested in joining please register on the website and post an introduction of yourself.
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