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Nov 10, 2005
Heres a suggestion from one of our members along the same lines:

Adversary said:
Use system variables in place of actual passwords in the Shortcut.

+name ^1[Splat]^2=^3Adversary
+password %splatpw%
+rcon login %splatrcon% - For those with Admin rights

So the whole command line would look like:

+connect +password %splatpw% +rcon login %splatrcon% +name ^1[Splat]^2=^3Adversary

To set these variables, right click, My Computer, go to properties, Advanced, Environment Variables.

Under User Variables, click New and add:

Variable Name: splatpw
Variable Value: <the splat private password>

and then do the same for rcon

Variable Name: splatrcon
Variable Value: <the splat rcon password>

If you have multiple icons like I do, for SH, CoD, CoD:UO and now CoD2 then you only need to change the environment variable when the passwords change, rather than having to edit the shortcuts each time.


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Oct 23, 2002
Call of Duty (COD2)     Port Range

Call of Duty CD Key Validation                                 UDP     20500     
Call of Duty Master Server Monitoring / Browser     UDP     20510     
Call of Duty Master UDP Port                                   UDP     28960     

GameSpy Ports     Port Range

GameSpy Custom UDP Pings                       TCP & UDP     13139     
GameSpy Master Server UDP Heartbeat     TCP & UDP     27900     
GameSpy Master Server List Request         TCP & UDP     28900     
GameSpy Connection Manager & Search     TCP & UDP     29900     
GameSpy GP Search Manager                     TCP & UDP     29901
GameSpy Query Port                                   TCP & UDP     6500     
GameSpy Dplay UDP                                    TCP & UDP     6515     
GameSpy Voice Chat (optional)                   TCP & UDP     3783     
GameSpy IRC chat (optional)                       TCP & UDP     6667


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Apr 2, 2010
have some problems

i have 4 mb download 256kb upload and i try to make dedicated LAN server on garena
i made a server and people join the game
but only i cant get in becouse i do not have a walid cd key i can getin any other but mine server can not..(
it starts autorizating and it sais bad cd key aor cd key in use
how to avoid that
in console i found this:
dedicated will be changed upon restarting.
and when enybody try to enter me or enybody else who is firt to join this come s up:
Resolving resolved to
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